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JBT’s A&B Process Systems to showcase success at ADS event

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JBT subsidiary A&B Process Systems will be participating in the upcoming Association for Dressings & Sauces (ADS) 2016 Technical Meeting, with a focus on highlighting the ways in which A&B is helping companies in the sector improve and update their processes.

Held at the Hyatt Regency Savannah in Savannah, Georgia from May 1-3, the event brings together technical representatives from companies large and small to share and discuss the latest developments in the industry.

In the case of A&B, the company will be focusing on its strengths in providing solutions from concept to completion at a table-top display that will include video footage of recent projects, as well as participating in committee meetings.

A&B technical sales manager, Ben Rucker, says dressings and salads is a growing area for the JBT subsidiary, explaining that A&B has developed a niche assisting companies in the sector.

“This is probably the most important sector for A&B right now because it’s where we have done most of our full turnkey processes to date,” he says.

“Some of our biggest projects have been in this industry, covering all of our core competencies – automation, controls, tank building, process skid building and installation – that’s why it’s so important.”

Rucker himself is a member of the ADS quality assurance committee – which is available for companies to carry out product tests and trial runs throughout the year and report back – and has spoken previously on new product developments for the sector from A&B.

For more information, please contact Ben Rucker:

JBT to focus on fruit sterilization innovations at IFU seminar


JBT will be on hand at the upcoming IFU Technical Workshop to highlight alternative sterilization technology that can be used to treat diced fruit pieces far more effectively than conventional steam or water based systems.

As part of the seminar that takes place tomorrow (April 20) in Berlin, Germany, JBT will be explaining to delegates from across the food processing sector about radio frequency sterilizers that guarantee food safety with no loss in quality.

Antonio Aldini, senior technologist engineer for JBT FoodTech who will be speaking at the event, explains that the system has been designed by JBT to overcome difficulties with using conventional technologies to treat juices containing fruit pieces.

“We will be highlighting alternative systems, including radio frequency technology, that can be sterilize liquid foods containing particulates, such as juice with diced mango, apple, apricot or strawberries – whatever is difficult to sterilize with standard technology,” he says.

“I will also talk about our work at the pilot plant in Parma with diced fruits, where we have done several tests with radio frequency sterilizers to determine the advantages of this new technology compared with standard systems.”

In particular, Aldini says he will be highlighting the use of radio frequency sterilization technology by Mexico-based fruit processor Mexifrutas, which is working with the system to treat prepared fruit for yoghurts.

Read more about JBT’s innovative work on new sterilization systems


According to Aldini, one of the principal advantages of using radio frequency sterilization technology is that it can deliver better product quality and minimize damage to fruit pieces.

“Sterilization of juices containing diced fruit using standard technology can have a negative impact on the firmness and integrity of the fruit pieces, which can be damaged by using steam or heated water,” he explains.

“With radio frequency, you minimise any damage, so the product quality is better – in terms of texture, firmness, sizing (the dimensions of the fruit pieces are better preserved), integrity, color and vitamin content – because we do not overcook the product.

“We just use the heat and energy necessary to kill micro-organisms – we don’t exceed that, so the product is not overcooked.”

Click here for more information on the IFU Technical Seminar

JBT’s A&B Process Systems to bring fresh perspective to Cheese Expo

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Dairy and cheese processors at a worldwide level will get the chance to learn firsthand about JBT business unit A&B Process Systems’ custom turnkey solutions for the dairy industry at the upcoming 2016 International Cheese Technology Expo.

The trade show, which takes place in Milwaukee, Wisconsin from April 12-14, is a global gathering of over 3,000 cheese industry leaders, suppliers and marketers aimed at sharing information about the latest developments in cheese technology.

In the case of A&B, marketing coordinator Andrea Wiese says the company will focus on showcasing its custom process systems for dairy processors, which are designed, manufactured and installed to deliver the best solution for each client’s needs, with the minimum of downtime.

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At the show, there’s going to be a lot of learning sessions and a full conference where the attendees are the top cheese and dairy processors, not only from Wisconsin, but across the US and worldwide,” she explains.

“They’ll be going to general sessions, learning about the industry and different legislation that is going through, and then there’s the trade show area where A&B will be displaying our tanks and vessels, vats and modular systems, as well as Clean In Place (CIP), which is an important area for the dairy industry.”

Wiese says that the show will not only provide an opportunity to showcase A&B’s capabilities, but will also allow the company to emphasize its new, international reach as part of JBT. “We’re newly acquired – in the past our focus was on the US, but now that we are a business unit of JBT, we’re obviously going to be worldwide,” she adds.

JBT’s A&B Process Systems showcases custom solutions

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A&B Process Systems, the industry leader in the design, fabrication, automation and installation of stainless steel process systems, will be taking part in the Food Automation & Manufacturing Conference and Expo 2016 to showcase its custom solutions for food and beverage processors.

The event, which is expected to attract executives and engineering managers from food companies throughout the US to Fort Myers, Florida from April 10-13, presents a chance for one of the newest additions to the JBT family to detail how it can assist food companies.

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A&B Process Systems marketing coordinator Andrea Wiese explains that the company will be showcasing its full capabilities of custom engineering, automation, fabrication and installation for food and beverage processors.

“We will be highlighting everything from our stainless steel process tanks and vessels to process modules and skidded systems, batch and blend systems, and Clean In Place (CIP) systems – our full capabilities and custom turnkey solutions on the food and beverage side,” she says.

“Then we have full automation and engineering capabilities – a big sector of our business is our installation capabilities, in particular process piping installation.”

Although previously focused almost exclusively on the US market, Wiese adds that A&B’s presence at the show will allow it to highlight the fact that its custom solutions are now available worldwide as part of JBT.

JBT and Aurratech to market Fog-in-Place® sanitizer system


JBT Corporation will make innovative sanitizing technology available worldwide thanks to a new agreement with Aurratech Inc.

Aurratech’s pioneering Fog-in-Place® (FIP) sanitizing system delivers superior performance by guaranteeing 100% surface contact plus airborne disinfection with a fraction of the water and chemicals typically consumed by the traditional sanitizing process.

JBT’s Liquid Foods business group will act as the exclusive, global Sales Representative for Aurratech in most liquid and pump-able product applications.

Aurratechs Fog-in-Place® can be used by food and beverage processors to sanitize equipment, piping, tanks and entire processing areas through the creation of a fragmented biocide known as Purifog™.


Purifog™ consists of tiny (less than 5 microns), low weight nano particles that remain suspended over long periods of time. This ensures 100% surface contact including hard to reach areas and around odd shapes.

FIP is a highly efficient, environmentally friendly process that saves time, energy and 99% of the water/sanitizing solution associated with traditional liquid based SIP procedures.

Fog-in-Place® can be used by both food (fruits, vegetables, nuts and dairy) and beverage (wine, beer, juice, non-alcoholic and general beverages) processors with additional applications, among others, in the meat, fish and bakery sectors.