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JBT prepares for visit to Juice Summit 2016

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JBT will be present at the 2016 edition of Juice Summit, a major industry event for all companies that participate in the international juice and beverage sector, which will be staged in Antwerp, Belgium from October 12-13.

Now in its fourth year, the conference, which is sponsored by the International Fruit Juice Union (IFU), the European Fruit Juice Association (AIJN) and Sure Global Fair (SGF), is expected to attract juice companies from across the world.

JBT’s Global Marketing Manager for Liquid Foods, Carlos Saavedra, who will be attending the event, explains that the Juice Summit is viewed as significant for the whole juice and beverage sector with top industry leaders likely to participate.

“Participants are likely to include Cutrale, Louis Dreyfus Citrus and Citrosuco (three of the largest citrus processors in Brazil) and other large juice and beverage processors – not just citrus – so you’ve got a lot of leading figures in the industry that will be present,” he says.

For its part, JBT will be highlighting its state-of-the-art processing and aseptic solutions for drinks and juice companies worldwide, including the JBT Fresh’n Squeeze® range, as well as its fruit and vegetable processing, and aseptic solutions.

JBT prepares for International Citrus & Beverage Conference

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JBT’s state-of-the-art solutions for processing and aseptic solutions for drinks and juice companies worldwide are set to be highlighted to new and potential customers alike at the upcoming 2016 International Citrus & Beverage Conference in Clearwater, Florida.

To be held at the Sheraton Sand Key Resort from September 20-23, the three-day event for citrus, juice and beverage professionals, which is expected to attract participants from Brazil, China, Costa Rica, Mexico, the US and many more countries, will focus on key issues facing the sector and highlight new and innovative products.

JBT, which will be taking a delegation of global sales managers, will be among the significant industry players doing just that, with highlighted products likely to include JBT’s Fresh’n Squeeze® range, as well as its fruit and vegetable processing, and aseptic solutions.


International scope
Originally held in Gainesville, Florida and organized by Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences at the University of Florida, the International Citrus & Beverage Conference once focused solely on citrus, and specifically from the Sunshine State.

As citrus production has moved further south, so has the location of the event which relocated south to Clearwater, where it is held today. With Florida citrus production having declined over recent years – in part due to climate and disease – the conference has widened its reach to include a far greater range of juices and beverages, while also becoming much broader in its international scope.

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Latest developments
With JBT’s global customers and alliance partners – including IceGen and Aurratech – expected to be present at the event, the company is hoping to not just meet up with existing customers, but also to learn about new aspects of the industry and highlight its own solutions.

“We expect to have customers and alliance partners from all over the globe at this the event,” explains JBT Global Marketing Manager for Liquid Foods, Carlos Saavedra. “We host a Latin-themed night for our friends from Mexico, Brazil, Costa Rica, Spain and other Hispanic countries, as well as a North American customer appreciation dinner for other US-based customers, as well as meeting new and potential customers and alliance partners.”

“At the end of the day this event is all about networking and learning about the latest developments in the citrus and beverage sector,” he adds.