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JBT X-ray system delivers production line visibility with groundbreaking design


The hazards presented by the potential presence of foreign body materials in liquid foods – notably metal and glass – that can inadvertently enter a production line is a danger that is encouraging increasing numbers of companies to employ x-ray systems; technology that also has the advantage of being able to accurately measure fill and weight levels. But availability and costly maintenance downtime has often proved to be a challenge and disincentive for processors.

However, the addition of Novus X-Ray – a company which has been at the forefront of x-ray technology for food inspection for over a decade – to the JBT family some 12 months ago looks likely to deliver a real breakthrough for the technology.

As Dino Carbone, product line manager for JBT Novus X-Ray explains, the Xvision™ product line boasts a modular design – unique in the industry – that has the advantages of significantly improving the availability of the technology while also delivering a low cost of ownership compared with competitor units.


The CCPX-Tall X-ray system

The other major advantage of the system is that its smart software allows it to learn from its mistakes, i.e. false rejections.

“We have really simplified the operation of the equipment by having smart software which allows the unit to be trained on the product its running and the images it takes,” says Carbone.

“This allows for simple unit training and more accurate detection performance leading to extremely low rejection rates. This is unique because most other companies rely on the operator to adjust the unit. We have developed the unit to be smart, so it can adjust itself when it makes a mistake.”

As well as being used to detect any foreign body material that might end up in the product chain, the Xvision range can also be used effectively for check fill and check weight. “In liquid foods processing, you don’t want anything in your product that shouldn’t be there and you also don’t want a jar or plastic container that is not filled the whole way – we can make sure that everything is as it should be with the check weight and check fill,” adds Carbone.

Revolutionary improvement
To best meet the needs of the liquid foods sector, JBT Novus X-Ray has introduced the Xvision CCPX-Tall X-ray system; technology which has been specifically designed for the rapid, automatic inspection of jars, bottles and other tall products.

A revolutionary improvement to x-ray technology availability, the CCPX allows customers to service any aspect of the machine with minimal training by grouping all components into five modules which plug-and-play. “Most other companies might have to call a technician when something in the unit breaks – by having a modular design, we give the power to the customer to make those repairs on-site really quickly,” explains Carbone.

“It enables our machine to be placed at a critical control point upstream and not just at the end of line. Our unit can be placed anywhere in the production line without fear that if that if there is an issue, your line is going to go down because we can get the unit up and running so quickly.”

Learn more about the CCPX-Pack X-ray system

JBT’s Unifiller: the perfect fit for sweet spreads


Capable of filling almost any kind of glass jar, the JBT Unifiller is a piece of technology engineered to satisfy the demands of quality conscious consumers, while keeping operational costs down for food processors.

As highlighted in a new White Paper, the Unifiller is able to deliver the highest quality in filling for a broad range of products, meaning it is well-suited to meeting the needs of companies in the fast-growing sweet spread sector.

The longstanding popularity of jams and other spreads as part of the traditional breakfast in Europe and North America has long sustained the industry, but this has been boosted in recent years by development of spreads with new innovative flavors, such as figs, ginger and exotic fruits.


JBT’s Unifiller can be customized to handle a wide range of spreads – from liquid to viscous to those containing sensitive particles – meaning spillages or product damage can be avoided.

The technology is also distinguished by fast and efficient product and jar format change-over, and a speedy, totally automated Clean-In-Place procedure, eliminating the need for disassembly or manual cleaning.

 JBT’s Filling Technology White Paper takes an in-depth look at the JBT Unifiller, outlining what makes the product unique and detailing how it both meets consumer demand for quality spreads and reduces operational costs.


JBT to showcase Fresh’n Squeeze at NAFEM 2017


Orange juice generic

JBT will be highlighting the tremendous quality and yield advantages that the Fresh’n Squeeze juicing system can offer to grocery retailers at the upcoming NAFEM 2017 trade exhibition, where visitors will be able to sample fresh juice for themselves at the booth.

Present at the event, which takes place in Orlando from February 9-11, with US Fresh’n Squeeze master distributor Mulligan Associates, JBT will be showcasing the Multi-Fruit Juicer, which offers superior reliability and versatility as well as the sweetest juice currently available on the market.

But what makes the Multi Fruit Juicer really stand out, explained JBT’s Fresh Juice Account Manager Jerry King, is its superior juice quality and yield. “The Multi Fruit Juicer is recognized around the world as producing the sweetest juice with the lowest peel oil, while its yield is 30-50% higher than competitor juicers. It’s also extremely versatile as it can handle a wide range of fruit sizes and varieties of citrus.”


For JBT, the focus for this year’s NAFEM will be US supermarkets where fresh squeezed juices are increasingly being produced on the sales floor or in the back of the store and offered in quart or half-gallon containers. “We are seeing a good many supermarkets introducing or growing their fresh juice programs and we are already working with some of the biggest grocery retailer names in the US,” King added.

As well as the Fresh’n Squeeze line, JBT and Mulligan will be highlighting a range of complementary juicing equipment for juice bars or smaller volume juice producers, including blends by the glass servings for vegetable juices.

JBT will be exhibiting at NAFEM 2017, which takes place in the Orange County Convention Center, Orlando FL from February 9-11.

JBT brings fresh solutions to Food Processing Expo 2017


Innovative solutions for food processors will be the focus for JBT at this year’s California League of Food Processing Expo, an annual event that showcases the latest trends in the liquid and processed foods business.

JBT will be on hand at the show, the largest of its kind in California that is exclusively devoted to food processing technology. The event, which takes place from February 8-9 at the Sacramento Convention Center, showcases innovations for citrus, tomato and protein processors, as well as fresh fruit companies.

However, Donn Sabato, JBT’s North America Director of Sales, explained that Food Processing Expo’s importance lay not only in the fact that it was an opportunity to highlight JBT products, but that it was a forum for sharing the latest trends in food tastes.

“California is a trend-setter when it comes to healthy lifestyles – they are the ones who set new trends when it comes to drinks and foods that people will follow,” he said. “JBT is very active in the tomato, citrus and protein processing sectors in California, so the Food Processing Expo – where we will be highlighting several JBT food processing solutions – is extremely important for us.”

JBT will be exhibiting at Food Processing Expo, which takes place from February 8-9 in the Sacramento Convention Center, Sacramento CA.