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Newest additions to JBT family on show at Gulfood Manufacturing 2017

Gulfood Manufacturing 2017, which takes place from 31 October-2 November in the Dubai World Trade Centre, has long been a major exhibition for JBT Liquid Foods, thanks to JBT’s tradition of strong relationships with regional customers. Moreover, it is located in a part of the world where there is a lot of innovation and development of processed and packaged food products.

As JBT’s Marcom Coordinator for Liquid Foods in the Europe and the Middle East, Patrick Schoenaers explains, Gulfood Manufacturing presents an opportunity to build further on existing relationships and to share its experience in food processing with customers.

“JBT Liquid Foods continues to grow every year in its capacity to offer complete line solutions from primary processing to final packaging, with a strong focus on product quality, food safety and extended shelf-life,” he says. “This year in particular we are pleased to present the latest additions to the JBT family – PLF International and Avure High Pressure Processing – as part of our complete solution.”

PLF International is one of the most recent additions to the JBT family

The recently acquired PLF International designs and manufactures what is considered to be one of the most flexible, hygienic, gentle and user-friendly powder filling machines – for rigid and semi-rigid containers – in the world. This innovative powder filling technology can be delivered as stand-alone equipment or as part of a fully integrated packaging line.

Avure’s High Pressure Processing is a natural method for food pasteurization that uses pure cold water, and up to 87,000 psi (6,000 bar) to inactivate pathogens, and dramatically extend shelf-life without the use of chemicals, heat or additives.

“High Pressure Processing makes foods delicious and labels clean and can be used for juices and beverages, meat, seafood and ready-to-eat meals, as well as fruits and vegetables,” adds Schoenaers. “So a visit to our booth is certainly a good investment!”

JBT will be exhibiting at Gulfood Manufacturing 2017 in Hall 1, D1-4 from 31 October-2 November at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

Citrus innovations to take centerstage at Argentina Seminar

JBT will be bringing speakers from Argentina, Mexico, the US and Brazil – including leading authorities from across the Americas – to its forthcoming Citrus Technical Seminar 2017, to be held in the Argentinian city of San Miguel de Tucumán on November 28.

The one-day event, which takes place in Tucumán’s Hilton Garden Inn, will focus on a range of topics related to techniques and technology for the citrus sector, and will also include overviews of trends in citrus processing and the development of the Persian lime market in Mexico and Peru.

In terms of technology, speakers will be detailing new technologies available for fresh fruits (including laser labelling and high-pressure cleaning systems), solutions available to get the most out of fruit pulp when processing, and innovative pasteurization systems that do not comprise on fruit quality, taste or flavor.

Among those speaking at the event will be Prof Dr Marcos David Ferreira from the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (EMBRAPA) who will examine non-invasive methods for evaluating fruits and juices, and Dr Marcelo Miranda from Brazil’s Fund for Citrus Protection (Fundecitrus).

For companies or producers wishing to attend, please contact one of the following JBT representatives before November 10:

Ing. Martín Castro – JBT Argentina

Eneida Nogueira – JBT Brasil

Fresh’n Squeeze juicers to play starring role at HOST 2017

JBT’s Fresh’n Squeeze® Point-of-Sale juicer line will be the center of attention at JBT’s booth at the upcoming HOST 2017 trade exhibition, which takes place from October 20-24 in Milan, with the focus on highlighting the best – and newest innovations – from JBT’s juicer business. In addition to the Fresh’n Squeeze Citrus Juicer and Produce Plus Juicer, JBT will be showcasing the options offered by the Multi-Fruit Juicer to visitors to its stand.

A hugely important event for companies involved in the Horeca (Hotel/Restaurant/Café) sector, HOST is expected to draw significant numbers of attendees and exhibitors to Milan, Italy; a country where JBT already has a major presence.

Ignacio Elosua Gonzalez, JBT’s Area Sales Manager for Fresh’n Squeeze juicers in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, says JBT will be looking to highlight the capabilities of the Fresh’n Squeeze juicer portfolio to customers and potential new clients working in hotels, resorts and other industries associated with the Horeca sector.

“HOST is the most important exhibition for the Horeca business held in Europe, so for JBT, it is important to be there,” he explains. “The good thing about HOST is that is so well-known that we are expecting to receive opportunities from all over the continent, and of course the Italian market is important too because JBT has facilities in the heart of Italy, in Parma.”

JBT will be exhibiting at HOST 2017 in Pavilion 18, Stand H68 in Milan’s Fiera Milano conference center from October 20-24

JBT to showcase latest Fresh’n Squeeze innovation at Fruit Attraction

Spain’s Fruit Attraction trade fair, which takes place in Madrid from October 18-20, is one of the globe’s most important exhibitions for fruit and vegetable producers, traders and processors, with a particular emphasis – for obvious reasons – on companies from Spain and Latin America. For JBT, the show offers the opportunity to meet potential customers from around Europe and Latin America, especially those in the retail, foodservice and fruit production sectors.

This year, however, JBT will be giving special focus to its Multi-Fruit Juicer, which will feature a new modification developed by JBT’s Lakeland, Florida engineers, which has turned the unit’s standalone reservoir juicer into a self-service juicer.

As Ignacio Elosua, JBT’s head of sales for Fresh’n Squeeze® point-of-sale juicer line in Europe, explains, the innovation will help JBT reach a wider market than ever before, as the Multi-Fruit Juicer is now suitable for use in supermarkets and grocery outlets.

“In Europe, the demand for fresh orange juice machines in every supermarket is growing and there’s tough competition to cover this segment, but we believe the new version of the Multi-Fruit Juicer will give JBT a competitive edge,” he says.

Fresh solutions
But it’s not just Fresh’n Squeeze. JBT will be highlighting all of its liquid foods solutions for the fruit sector to visitors, which are designed to help producers to handle or process fruit more efficiently. “We have received many enquiries from customers concerned about the amount of fruit they have to handle or seeking to take advantage of lesser-quality products,” explains Elosua. “We believe that our fruit and vegetable solutions can help these customers deal effectively with these challenges.”

Looking at Fruit Attraction as a whole, Elosua says the show – one of the most important in the fresh produce sector – provides a great opportunity for JBT to expand beyond its core businesses and create new leads and opportunities.

“It’s commonly said that Spain is the pantry of Europe, meaning that many of the fruits and vegetables consumed in Europe come from Spain – we can say that is one of the most important markets for selling JBT solutions,” he adds.

JBT will be exhibiting at Fruit Attraction 2017 in Hall 6, Stand 6A02D from October 18-20 in Madrid’s Feria de Madrid (IFEMA) conference center.

JBT: a commitment to investment

Despite the threat of greening to Florida’s citrus industry – as well as the recent impact of Hurricane Irma – JBT remains committed to continuing to invest in its Florida facilities and business, Carlos Saavedra, global marketing manager for JBT’s liquid foods business unit tells the Business Observer.

In an in-depth interview, Saavedra (pictured above) explains JBT’s thinking behind its $13 million investment in a major renovation of the Lakeland citrus-processing equipment plant, detailing why JBT remains committed to maintaining its links with both the local area and the citrus sector.

Saavedra also outlines why JBT’s global mindset – demonstrated by the recent $36 million acquisition of the UK-based PLF International Limited – is the best way to sustain both JBT and its Lakeland plant.

CLICK HERE to read the full interview.

JBT Liquid Foods launches ambitious goal

JBT Liquid Foods 2020 Strategy from JBT on Vimeo.

JBT Corporation has launched a new video outlining an ambitious growth strategy for its liquid foods business over the next three years. The video explains how JBT will continue to develop in the liquid foods segment by expanding globally, providing service excellence and making targeted acquisitions, with the aim of doubling revenue by 2020.

The liquid foods business unit, which has experienced impressive growth over the last decade, operates ten manufacturing sites and eight Technology Centers worldwide, and has nearly 2,000 employees who help generate approximately US$500M in revenue.

JBT Liquid Foods products process fruits and vegetables, and provide solutions for filling, closing and sterilizing juices, soups, baby food, dairy, pet food and much, much more.

With the acquisition of ICS Solutions, Stork Food and Dairy Systems, A&B Process Systems and, most recently, PLF International, JBT Liquid Foods has added significant capabilities in: sterilization; dairy and juice processing; and, customized, skidded systems that can be used in a wide array of industries, including pharma and the energy sector.

A renewed vision
However, the Liquid Foods business is not resting on its laurels, but instead is moving forward with an aggressive growth strategy by striving to become the world’s most-valued supplier of preservation, processing and packaging solutions.

JBT aims to grow its liquid foods business through the development and acquisition of complementary companies and technologies, focusing in particular on “green box” technologies, that is, key products and technologies that influence who becomes supplier of choice for broader, integrated solutions.

By owning these key technologies, JBT Liquid Foods can offer customers a complete solution that delivers the desired combination of highest yield, quality and throughput with the optimal food safety level, shelf life, and lowest cost per unit.

Strategic imperatives
The JBT Liquid Foods plan will focus on three strategic imperatives: Fortify the Core, Expand the Franchise, and Explore the Edges.

JBT will fortify its core businesses by continuing investments in citrus processing, aseptic processing and in-container sterilization. To expand the franchise the Liquid Foods business will seek to grow areas such as flexible packaging, filling and seaming in attractive segments, while continuing to increase its presence in regional markets. JBT will further explore the edges by investigating alternative sterilization and extended shelf life technologies, while moving into new sectors such as water, prepared foods and pharma.

The stated strategy is already being successfully implemented as evidenced by the February 2017 acquisition of Avure Technologies, Inc., a leader in the growing High Pressure Processing (HPP) equipment market, as well as July 2017 acquisition of PLF International, the global leader in powder filling and handling technology.

As the video states, the road will not be easy, but JBT has the people, the expertise and the capabilities to grow the Liquid Foods business for years to come.

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