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JBT Avure brings HPP revolution to dressings and sauces sector

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High Pressure Processing (HPP), a technology pioneered by JBT Avure, is making an increasing impact in the dressings and sauces sector, revolutionizing categories such as juice, salsa and hummus by enabling manufacturers to extend shelf life with a clean-label product that retains the flavor profile of a fresh product. This is the key message that will be delivered by JBT Avure during its upcoming appearance at North America’s leading event for the sector, the Association for Dressings & Sauces (ADS) 2018 Technical Meeting.

Taking place at Charlotte, North Carolina’s Westin Charlotte Hotel from April 29 – May 1, the ADS Technical Meeting brings together delegates from across the dressings and sauces industry, and provides an ideal opportunity to highlight some of the many successes surrounding HPP and tackle some of the misconceptions.

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Dwight McVey, JBT Avure’s Regional Sales Manager who will be delivering a presentation and manning the Avure stand, says the event has provided a valuable forum for spreading the word about the benefits of HPP technology. “Last year A&B Process Systems, also a JBT company, presented some information on the benefits of HPP at the ADS Technical Meeting – there was a lot of interest generated at the conference but we felt there was a need for more education on the technology,” he explains. “Thankfully we were given an opportunity by ADS to have a presentation slot and tabletop dedicated to HPP.”

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McVey says Avure has seen explosive growth with the brands that use HPP in the dressings and sauces category, however – despite the products being a great fit for HPP – it still lacks the market penetration experienced in other sectors that use the technology.

“HPP checks all of the major boxes for current consumer and retailer trends, such as shelf-life, food safety, and clean label,” he adds. “However, lack of education on the technology is the main constraint in preventing larger adoption of HPP. The ADS Technical Meeting is an excellent opportunity for Avure to clear up misperceptions regarding HPP and educate the marketplace on all of the great things it has done for other brands.”

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JBT’s VAHP Granular Filler solves sticky problem for premium beverages with bits

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JBT has launched the new Vacuum-Assisted High-Precision (VAHP) Granular Filler, a unique innovation developed to add sticky fruit particles to premium beverages that combines high filling accuracy with gentle product handling and minimum product loss.

With demand for beverages that contain chunky fruit pieces on the increase, the VAHP Granular Filler provides processors with a solution that uses a vacuum pocket system to remove unwanted carrying liquid. In addition to measuring pockets, a focused blowout system is used to achieve gentle emptying of the pocket and accurate filling.

According to JBT’s Sven Rogiest, the VAHP has been developed from JBT’s earlier Granular Filler, adding a unique fill-gate design and vacuum system to handle the sticky fruit particles used in much of the expanding premium beverage market, especially in the Asia Pacific region.

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“The JBT Granular Filler has been used to fill solid bits into cans or jars, but more and more , processors of premium beverages are looking to use sticky fruit pieces rather than dried particles,” he explained. “With the VAHP, the bits are placed in liquid and gently moved into filling pockets. The vacuum then removes the carrying liquid leaving only fruit pieces in the pockets.

“The VAHP is being used in South East Asia where non-carbonated beverages with bits such as mango, grass jelly and coconut beverages with fruit pieces are becoming very popular. To the best of my knowledge, this is a unique product which can achieve a far greater filling accuracy than rival systems.”

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Focus on HPP Best Practice at Cold Pressure Council Conference

JBT Avure is set to deliver a keynote speech as part of its participation at this year’s Cold Pressure Council Annual Conference, which will focus on driving best practice in High Pressure Processing (HPP) and helping customers make the switch from more traditional forms of pasteurization, among other topics.

Taking place at the Westin Chicago Northwest from June 18-20, the event will feature an update on progress being made to promote industry standardization, user education, and consumer awareness of Cold Pressure Processing delivered by Jeff Williams, CEO of JBT Avure and Chairman of the Cold Pressure Council.

The annual event, which JBT is also sponsoring, will feature HPP best practices, the latest market trends and tips for packaging HPP products – with insights from leading food processors and services supplier experts.

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In a recent interview with New Hope 360, Jeff Williams commented that one of the drivers behind the creation of the Cold Pressure Council was a desire to show that HPP technology follows proper processes and procedures, with no shortcuts.

“HPP is a fantastic technology and we do not want any ‘bad actors’ mis-using the technology and creating a bad image for it,” he explained. “Another driver was the desire by many existing and new brands to have a logo program that would identify that product as ‘cold pressured’ and verified – as in they are following the proper guidelines for safety, validation and the HPP process.  The third driver was to create an independent organization to help foster the growth and development of HPP overall.”

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JBT to highlight citrus by-product potential during Africa Roadshow

JBT will be highlighting the multiple – potentially lucrative – by-products and ingredients often needlessly thrown away during citrus processing and how to get the most out of them during the upcoming SGF-IFU Africa Roadshow. The roadshow, which JBT will also be sponsoring, follows successful Asia and Latin America tours during which JBT highlighted products and innovations for the juice sector in conjunction with quality standards organization Sure-Global-Fair (SGF) and the International Fruit and Vegetable Juice Association (IFU).

This time round, the roadshow will feature talks from JBT during visits to Nigeria, South Africa, Egypt, Kenya and Algeria between April and October, where delegates can learn how by-products can become valuable ingredients. Although more than 70% of the citrus juices produced worldwide is extracted using JBT systems, JBT also offers a range of solutions that can monetize pulp and other fractions of the extraction process that have traditionally been regarded as waste.

The Roadshow will visit Lagos, Nigeria on April 24

Realizing potential
According to José Lorente, technology expert at JBT’s Liquid Foods business unit, juice only makes up around half of the material recovered from citrus during the extraction process. The remainder is comprised of pulp, peel, core and essential oils, much of which is often disposed rather than exploited to its full potential.

d-LIMONENE, a natural organic solvent used in aroma industry and other sectors, is one of the most lucrative by-products of the citrus extraction process. d-LIMONENE can be collected from leftover peel using the JBT READYGo™ d-LIMONENE; a system that boasts up to a 95% recovery efficiency rate.

JBT Pulp Recovery and Pulp Wash systems can recover pulp and sugars for pasteurization and aseptic filling, making them fit to add to juice from concentrate, not-from-concentrate, nectars and liquid yogurts. A similar application can be achieved through citrus peel processing. Another product making up 15% of total fruit weight, cloudy peel juice, can be used as an ingredient base in soft drinks, providing a cloudiness similar to natural juices.

JBT will be hosting presentations at the IFU Africa Roadshow at Lagos, Nigeria on April 24, before moving on to Stellenbosch, South Africa on May 9, as well as dates in Cairo, Egypt, Nairobi, Kenya and Algiers, Algeria during September and October.

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