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JBT shows backing for Florida citrus sector

Florida citrus groves

JBT is participating in this month’s Florida Citrus Industry Annual Conference to show the company’s ongoing support for the sector at what continues to be a challenging time for citrus growers in the Sunshine State. 

An event which draws together producers, packers and processors, the Florida Citrus Mutual annual gathering is being held at the Hyatt Regency Coconut Point, Bonita Springs from June 13-15. In addition to educational sessions, the conference will feature an update on research into the ongoing threat posed by citrus greening to Florida’s citrus groves, plus a grower panel on current challenges faced by the industry.

JBT’s Global Product Line Director for Fruit & Vegetable Processing, Michael Mas, said JBT will be present primarily to show for an industry of which it continues to be an active participant. “This is about JBT supporting the Florida citrus industry, which we have been a member of for over 80 years,” he added.

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JBT highlights HPP at Asia events


JBT Avure at ProPak Asia

JBT is taking part in two major Asian trade exhibitions this month – Fooma Japan in Tokyo from June 12-15 and ProPak Asia in Bangkok, Thailand from June 13-16  – where the company will be highlighting recent innovations for food and beverage processors. These will include the benefits of High Pressure Processing (HPP) from JBT Avure, which was also the subject of a special seminar held in Bangkok.

Fooma Japan 2018 – the international food machinery and technology exhibition – takes place at the Tokyo Big Sight exhibition halls, while the annual processing and packaging technology event for Asia, ProPak Asia 2018, will be staged at Bangkok’s BITEC conference center.

JBT HPP Asia Seminar

Delegates at the JBT Avure HPP Asia Seminar in Bangkok, Thailand on June 12

The advantages of using HPP for seafood, premium juice, dairy, wet salad and other industries in Asia will be one of the principal focuses for JBT at the two events, where representatives will be outlining how the technology is being used to provide food safety and extend shelf life, while also retaining vitamins, nutrients and flavor.

JBT will be exhibiting at Fooma Japan 2018 from June 12-15 at Booth 5P-16 at Tokyo Big Sight and at ProPak Asia 2018 from June 13-16 in BA21, Hall 100 at Bangkok’s BITEC center.

Avure seminar aims to spread HPP gospel in Asia

Thailand seafood factory - shutterstock.jpg

JBT Avure will be highlighting the potential benefits of High Pressure Processing (HPP) for Asia’s seafood, wet salads, meat, dairy, ready meals, and premium juice industries at a special seminar to be held in Bangkok, Thailand on June 12 aimed at driving awareness of the technology in the region.

JBT’s HPP Asia Seminar, which will be staged at Bangkok’s DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel, will examine how HPP is already being used successfully by processors across North America and Europe, focusing on how the technology provides food safety and extends shelf life while retaining the vitamins, nutrients and flavor.

How HPP works_Avure

Dave Peltier, JBT Avure’s Director of Sales for Asia and South America, explains that given the relative lack of knowledge in Asia about the successful utilization of HPP in other regions, the market for the technology in Asian countries is still emerging. The HPP seminar, which will coincide with the ProPak Asia trade fair in Bangkok where JBT is also exhibiting at Booth BA21 Hall 100, provides a convenient way of presenting the concept to Asian food companies attending the exhibition.

Some 70+ people, including several companies who already use HPP, will be attending the event which is aimed at introducing the system as an alternative to UHT and other processes; and one in which nutrients, safety and shelf life quality are not compromised.

JBT Avure stand Propak Asia.png

Seafood is an especially important application for HPP in Asia, as well as many of the other applications such as juices, meat, guacamole, salsa, dips and salad dressings,” says Peltier, who adds that JBT Avure already has several installations in Thailand, South Korea and Taiwan.

“Avure will update in detail the current state of HPP product applications and successes globally,” he concludes.

For more information about the seminar, contact JBT Asia Pacific HERE

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d-Limonene: extracting added value from waste citrus peel

Zumos Palma 2

Citrus waste disposal is a problem faced by many citrus juice plants, which up until recent times has left companies with the dilemma of whether to invest in costly feed mills. However, there is an alternative. JBT has developed several effective ways to get added value from waste citrus peel and by-products, with some offering very substantial financial benefits.

Exploring some of the alternatives to traditional citrus peel disposal is the focus of a JBT seminar to be delivered at the forthcoming 2018 Citrus Engineering Conference, which takes place on June 7 at the Citrus Research & Education Center Lake Alfred, Florida.

In a talk on alternatives to traditional feed mills, Jose Biot, JBT’s Global Technical Manager for Citrus Processing, will focus on some of the innovative options available from JBT for the recovery of potentially valuable by-products from citrus peel.

citus essential oils_Shutterstock

Valuable essential oils can be extracted from waste citrus peel

Waste solution
Biot will tell delegates that traditional methods for disposing of waste citrus peel, such as feed mills, have become significantly less attractive over recent years due to rising energy operating costs required for investment in such projects. 

In particular, for small processors who generate peel volumes below the threshold typically required to make a feed mill investment profitable, taking care of the wet peel becomes a problem, with many resorting to paying to have it trucked out.

JBT’s T.A.S.T.E. Evaporator and, especially, READYGo™ d-LIMONENE are two systems that can be used by small processors to make more profitable use of citrus waste by extracting essential oils and other products from the peel.


JBT’s READYGo d-Limonene

d-Limonene, a natural organic solvent used in aroma industry and other sectors, is one of the most lucrative by-products of the citrus extraction process.

The oil component can be collected from leftover peel without having to make a significant investment using the JBT READYGo™ d-LIMONENE recovery unit; a system that boasts up to a 95% recovery efficiency rate.

The systems, Biot will say, enable small processors to handle a sticky problem through an interesting solution, which – in the case of the JBT READYGo d-Limonene system– can provide substantial revenues at current market prices.

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JBT’s next generation Multi Fruit Juicer boosts output and visibility

JBT new Multi Fruit Juicer - small

JBT, the leading solutions provider for food and beverage processors, has launched the next generation of the highly successful Fresh’n Squeeze® Multi Fruit Juicer, which as well as offering unparalleled juicing, delivers a faster, more attractive and easy to operate version of the classic system.

Previewed at the recent National Restaurant Show 2018, JBT’s next generation Multi Fruit Juicer offers a 65% increase in juice output over the existing model, as well as a more open and appealing design.

Capable of handling up to 33 pieces of fruit per minute, the latest version of the Multi Fruit Juicer can produce 55 gallons of fresh juice during every hour of operation, up from the 33 gallons per hour delivered by the previous model. In addition to moving from a one-case to a two-case hopper, the Juicer is also markedly more attractive in appearance than its predecessor, featuring viewing windows showing the juicing process and increased visibility of stored citrus.

JBT new Multi Fruit Juicer close-up

The Multi Fruit Juicer was one of the star attractions at the booth of JBT Master Distributor Juicernet by Mulligan Associates at the National Restaurant Show, where company founders Bonnie and Gene Mulligan showcased the system to visitors from across North America.

Mulligan, which has been JBT’s exclusive representative in North America for the past 18 years, highlighted the system to many of its 2000 dealers from across the US and Canada as part of its 33rd consecutive appearance as an exhibitor at the trade event.

Juicernet’s co-founder Bonnie Mulligan said: “The new JBT Multi Fruit Juicer brings a real theater effect because you are able to see what’s going on inside the juicer. Eliminating all the casing and making it stainless steel makes it much easier for cleaning, while the increased speed is another huge benefit. It will help having a two-case hopper instead of a one-case hopper, and it just looks so much newer and fresher.”

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