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JBT prepares for annual Expo Pack Mexico showcase

JBT team at Expo Pack

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JBT will be using the opportunity of next month’s Expo Pack Mexico 2018, which takes place in Mexico City’s Expo Santa Fe exhibition center, to showcase a full range of innovative solutions for food and drink processors across Mexico and wider Latin America.

“We’ll be making the most of the chance to meet people from across the food and processing industries who will be present at the event, and will be showcasing our entire line for liquid foods, including citrus processing and High Pressure Processing (HPP),” explains JBT’s Regional Director for Mexico Armando Morales. “JBT has a major presence in Mexico in areas such as fruit and vegetable processing, sterilization of many food and beverage types and pasteurization systems for dairy.”

JBT Avure

HPP technology from JBT Avure will be highlighted at Expo Pack Mexico 2018

Morales says JBT’s specialist HPP business, Avure Technologies, also has a strong customer base across the country, particularly in avocado, juice and dairy pasteurization. The JBT stand will further highlight filling and closing technologies, including innovative systems for powdered milk and solutions for handling and processing tuna.

Jorge Brito, Latin America Sales Director for JBT, says this year’s Expo Pack Mexico will mark JBT’s 14th consecutive appearance at the event, emphasizing its ongoing importance as a forum for meeting both new and existing customers. “While it’s principally an event for Mexico, we also receive visitors from Central America, the Caribbean and the Andean countries,” he says. “For this reason, it provides an important forum for meeting customers face-to-face, where potential new customers have the chance to speak with us in person and explore new opportunities.”

JBT will be exhibiting at Stand 3610 at Expo Pack Mexico 2018 at Expo Santa Fe exhibition center, Mexico City from June 5-8. 

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JBT se alista para la exhibición anual Expo Pack México

JBT booth at Expo Pack

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JBT aprovechará la ocasión que le presenta Expo Pack México 2018, a realizarse el mes que viene en el centro de exposiciones Expo Santa Fe de la Ciudad de México, para exhibir la gama completa de innovadoras soluciones para el procesamiento de alimentos y bebidas en todo México y el resto de Latinoamérica.

“Le sacaremos el mayor partido posible a la oportunidad de reunirnos con personas de las industrias alimentaria y de procesamiento de alimentos, quienes estarán presentes en el evento, y estaremos exhibiendo nuestra línea completa para alimentos líquidos, por ejemplo, para el procesamiento de cítricos y el Procesamiento de Alta Presión (HPP, por sus siglas en inglés)”, explicó el Director Regional de JBT en México, Armando Morales. “JBT ya tiene una presencia importante en México, en áreas como el procesamiento de frutas y verduras, así como en los sistemas de esterilización y pasteurización de lácteos”.

JBT team at Expo Pack

Jorge Brito (centro) y el equipo JBT en Expo Pack Mexico 2017

Morales afirmó que Avure Technologies, la compañía de JBT especializada en HPP, también cuenta con una sólida clientela en todo el país, particularmente para la pasteurización de aguacate, jugos y lácteos. En el stand de JBT se destacarán las tecnologías de llenado y cierre, tales como los innovadores sistemas para leche en polvo, así como soluciones para el manejo y procesamiento de atún.

Jorge Brito, Director de Ventas de JBT para Latinoamérica, dijo que esta edición de Expo Pack México marca la décimo cuarta ocasión consecutiva en que JBT se presenta en el evento, lo que demuestra su importancia como un foro para reunirse tanto con clientes nuevos como actuales. “Si bien es un evento principalmente para México, también recibimos visitantes de Centroamérica, el Caribe y los países andinos”, añadió. “Es por ello que brinda un foro importante para reunirse con clientes de frente a frente, y donde los nuevos clientes potenciales pueden hablar con nosotros en persona y explorar nuevas oportunidades”.

JBT estará presente en el stand 3610 de Expo Pack México 2018, en el centro de exposiciones Expo Santa Fe de la Ciudad de México, del 5 al 8 de junio. 

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Next Generation Fresh’n Squeeze Multi Fruit Juicer makes debut at National Restaurant Show


JBT-Mulligan National Restaurant Show

JBT’s Next Generation Fresh’n Squeeze® Multi Fruit Juicer, which offers up to a 65% increase in juice output over the existing model, is set to make a splash at the National Restaurant Show 2018, with customers able to get a first look at a faster, more attractive and easy to operate version of the classic system.

Capable of handling up to 33 pieces of fruit per minute, the new version of the Multi Fruit Juicer can produce over 50 gallons of fresh juice during every hour of operation, up from the 30 gallons per hour delivered by the previous model. As well as moving from a one-case to a two-case hopper, the Juicer is also markedly more attractive in appearance than its predecessor, featuring viewing windows showing the juicing process and increased visibility of stored citrus.

The Multi Fruit Juicer will be one of the star attractions at the booth of JBT Master Distributor Juicernet by Mulligan Associates, Inc (#3760) where company founders Bonnie and Gene Mulligan will be showcasing the system to visitors from across North America.

New generation FnS Multi-Fruit Juicer

Mulligan, which is making its 33rd consecutive appearance as an exhibitor at the National Restaurant Show, has been JBT’s exclusive representative in North America for the past 18 years.

“We’re excited about having the opportunity to show the new Multi Fruit Juicer to visitors, including many of the 2000 dealers that we work with in the US and Canada,” says Bonnie.

“The new Multi Fruit Juicer will bring a real theatre effect to the booth because visitors will be able to see what’s going on inside the juicer. Getting rid of all the casting and making it stainless steel makes it much easier for cleaning, while the increased speed is another huge benefit.”

“It will help having a two case hopper instead of a one-case hopper, and it just looks so much newer and fresher,” she adds.

Juicernet by Mulligan Associates, featuring JBT’s Multi Fruit Juicer, will be exhibiting at Booth 3760 at the National Restaurant Show 2018 from May 19-22 at Chicago’s McCormick Place Convention Center. 

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JBT Avure brings HPP revolution to dressings and sauces sector

salad dressing_shutterstock_small

High Pressure Processing (HPP), a technology pioneered by JBT Avure, is making an increasing impact in the dressings and sauces sector, revolutionizing categories such as juice, salsa and hummus by enabling manufacturers to extend shelf life with a clean-label product that retains the flavor profile of a fresh product. This is the key message that will be delivered by JBT Avure during its upcoming appearance at North America’s leading event for the sector, the Association for Dressings & Sauces (ADS) 2018 Technical Meeting.

Taking place at Charlotte, North Carolina’s Westin Charlotte Hotel from April 29 – May 1, the ADS Technical Meeting brings together delegates from across the dressings and sauces industry, and provides an ideal opportunity to highlight some of the many successes surrounding HPP and tackle some of the misconceptions.

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Dwight McVey, JBT Avure’s Regional Sales Manager who will be delivering a presentation and manning the Avure stand, says the event has provided a valuable forum for spreading the word about the benefits of HPP technology. “Last year A&B Process Systems, also a JBT company, presented some information on the benefits of HPP at the ADS Technical Meeting – there was a lot of interest generated at the conference but we felt there was a need for more education on the technology,” he explains. “Thankfully we were given an opportunity by ADS to have a presentation slot and tabletop dedicated to HPP.”

How HPP works_Avure

McVey says Avure has seen explosive growth with the brands that use HPP in the dressings and sauces category, however – despite the products being a great fit for HPP – it still lacks the market penetration experienced in other sectors that use the technology.

“HPP checks all of the major boxes for current consumer and retailer trends, such as shelf-life, food safety, and clean label,” he adds. “However, lack of education on the technology is the main constraint in preventing larger adoption of HPP. The ADS Technical Meeting is an excellent opportunity for Avure to clear up misperceptions regarding HPP and educate the marketplace on all of the great things it has done for other brands.”

View the full event program for the ADS 2018 Technical Meeting

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Focus on HPP Best Practice at Cold Pressure Council Conference

JBT Avure is set to deliver a keynote speech as part of its participation at this year’s Cold Pressure Council Annual Conference, which will focus on driving best practice in High Pressure Processing (HPP) and helping customers make the switch from more traditional forms of pasteurization, among other topics.

Taking place at the Westin Chicago Northwest from June 18-20, the event will feature an update on progress being made to promote industry standardization, user education, and consumer awareness of Cold Pressure Processing delivered by Jeff Williams, CEO of JBT Avure and Chairman of the Cold Pressure Council.

The annual event, which JBT is also sponsoring, will feature HPP best practices, the latest market trends and tips for packaging HPP products – with insights from leading food processors and services supplier experts.

JBT Avure

In a recent interview with New Hope 360, Jeff Williams commented that one of the drivers behind the creation of the Cold Pressure Council was a desire to show that HPP technology follows proper processes and procedures, with no shortcuts.

“HPP is a fantastic technology and we do not want any ‘bad actors’ mis-using the technology and creating a bad image for it,” he explained. “Another driver was the desire by many existing and new brands to have a logo program that would identify that product as ‘cold pressured’ and verified – as in they are following the proper guidelines for safety, validation and the HPP process.  The third driver was to create an independent organization to help foster the growth and development of HPP overall.”

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JBT to highlight citrus by-product potential during Africa Roadshow

JBT will be highlighting the multiple – potentially lucrative – by-products and ingredients often needlessly thrown away during citrus processing and how to get the most out of them during the upcoming SGF-IFU Africa Roadshow. The roadshow, which JBT will also be sponsoring, follows successful Asia and Latin America tours during which JBT highlighted products and innovations for the juice sector in conjunction with quality standards organization Sure-Global-Fair (SGF) and the International Fruit and Vegetable Juice Association (IFU).

This time round, the roadshow will feature talks from JBT during visits to Nigeria, South Africa, Egypt, Kenya and Algeria between April and October, where delegates can learn how by-products can become valuable ingredients. Although more than 70% of the citrus juices produced worldwide is extracted using JBT systems, JBT also offers a range of solutions that can monetize pulp and other fractions of the extraction process that have traditionally been regarded as waste.

The Roadshow will visit Lagos, Nigeria on April 24

Realizing potential
According to José Lorente, technology expert at JBT’s Liquid Foods business unit, juice only makes up around half of the material recovered from citrus during the extraction process. The remainder is comprised of pulp, peel, core and essential oils, much of which is often disposed rather than exploited to its full potential.

d-LIMONENE, a natural organic solvent used in aroma industry and other sectors, is one of the most lucrative by-products of the citrus extraction process. d-LIMONENE can be collected from leftover peel using the JBT READYGo™ d-LIMONENE; a system that boasts up to a 95% recovery efficiency rate.

JBT Pulp Recovery and Pulp Wash systems can recover pulp and sugars for pasteurization and aseptic filling, making them fit to add to juice from concentrate, not-from-concentrate, nectars and liquid yogurts. A similar application can be achieved through citrus peel processing. Another product making up 15% of total fruit weight, cloudy peel juice, can be used as an ingredient base in soft drinks, providing a cloudiness similar to natural juices.

JBT will be hosting presentations at the IFU Africa Roadshow at Lagos, Nigeria on April 24, before moving on to Stellenbosch, South Africa on May 9, as well as dates in Cairo, Egypt, Nairobi, Kenya and Algiers, Algeria during September and October.

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JBT SeamTec Seamer seals award win at Anuga FoodTec 2018

JBT SeamTec for powder cans 2

JBT’s SeamTec Seamer, the innovative seamer designed for packaging high value powders, has been announced as one of the winners of the Dairy Technology Award 2018, the annual competition recognizing outstanding new technological developments in the dairy industry. At a ceremony at the Anuga FoodTec 2018 trade fair in Cologne, Germany on March 21, organized by International Dairy Magazine, the SeamTec Seamer was selected as one of the recipients of the award by a jury of renowned experts on dairy technology and engineering.

In its original submission to the award committee, JBT explained the rationale behind the SeamTec system was a response to the inadequacies of traditional can seamers for high value infant formula powders.

JBT SeamTec for powder cans 3

Unchanged for decades, these seamers were essentially adaptations of standard designs for liquid applications, with minor modifications. Today, many of these machines no longer meet the needs of the modern infant formula powder industry.

Driven by ever-increasing regulatory requirements, infant formula canners demand the highest level of hygienic design, with no exposed lubricants, easy and quick cleaning, prevention of foreign particles and absolute product safety.

Baby powder being filled into cans by JBT affiliate PLF International

JBT’s response was a radical new approach to seamer design, with the development of a seamer specifically for high value powders. JBT worked closely with leading infant formula producers to understand their specific requirements in terms of hygienic design, operation in an inert gas environment, cleanability, and operator and product safety – and all at a reasonable cost with no powder spillage and foreign particle prevention.

The unique SeamTec Seamer features set a new standard in the industry and makes this the most advanced seamer for powder on the planet. Since the system’s introduction, industry leaders like Nestlé, Wyeth, MeadJohnson, Abbott and FrieslandCampina have all embraced JBT’s SeamTec seaming technology.

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