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Innovations and new technologies to take center stage at JBT Chile seminar

Chile berries

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JBT will be highlighting new developments, innovations and technologies – including those available for fresh-cut produce processors through recent acquisition FTNON – to fruit, dairy and protein specialists in Chile at a special seminar to be held on October 2. 

The full-day ‘New Food Technology Seminar’, which will be staged in the city of Rancagua’s Hotel Manquehue, will cover a range of topics of interest to producers and processors, including aseptic pasteurization and sterilization, fresh fruit processing, and high-speed filling and sealing applications. 

JBT Chile seminar

Delegates at the 2015 JBT Chile seminar in San Francisco de Mostazal

Cutting-edge technology will also be well represented in the form of laser labelling for fresh fruits and vegetables, the innovative Fog In Place (FIP) system for effective disinfection of production facilities, and a look at the benefits of JBT Avure’s High Pressure Processing (HPP) for pasteurization that preserves product quality. The innovative solutions offered by the newest addition to the JBT family, FTNON, will also be featured, with a special look at how FTNON technology can help companies in the fresh-cut produce and ready meal segments.


The ‘Fog-In-Place’ system from JBT and Aurratech

“The Idea is to bring new developments, innovations and technologies to the attention of customers and potential customers,” explains JBT’s Januário Soligon. “JBT works with a lot of big companies in Chile, including multinational food and beverage processors, from canned fruits though to tinned sardines, but the seminar is also open to delegates from neighbouring countries who would like to take part.”

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Innovaciones y nuevas tecnologías serán protagonistas en el seminario de JBT en Chile


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JBT presentará en Chile los nuevos desarrollos, innovaciones y tecnologías –incluidas aquellas disponibles para los procesadores de cuarta gama gracias a la reciente adquisición de FTNON – a los especialistas en frutas, lácteos y proteínas que se congregarán en un seminario especializado a celebrarse el 2 de octubre. 

Con un día completo de duración, el “Seminario Nuevas Tecnologías para Alimentos”, cuya sede será el Hotel Manquehue de la ciudad de Rancagua, abordará una amplia variedad de temas de interés para productores y procesadores de alimentos, como la pasteurización y esterilización asépticas, el procesamiento de frutas y verduras frescas y las aplicaciones de llenado y cerrado de alta velocidad. 

JBT Chile seminar

Delegados en el semanario de JBT Chile de 2015 en San Francisco de Mostazal

La tecnología de vanguardia también estará bien representada a través del etiquetado láser para frutas y verduras frescas, el innovador sistema Fog In Place (FIP) para la efectiva desinfección de las instalaciones de producción, además se tendrá un vistazo a las ventajas que brinda la tecnología de JBT Avure para el Procesamiento de Alta Presión (HPP) en la pasteurización que mantiene la calidad del producto.


El sistema ‘Fog-In-Place’ de Aurratech

Las novedosas soluciones que aporta el nuevo integrante de la familia JBT, FTNON, también estarán en exhibición. Se contará con la exclusiva oportunidad de ver cómo la tecnología de FTNON puede apoyar a las empresas pertenecientes a los segmentos de cuarta y quinta gama.

“La idea es atraer la atención de la clientela actual y de clientes potenciales a los nuevos desarrollos, innovaciones y tecnologías”, señaló Januário Soligon de JBT. “JBT trabaja con muchas empresas grandes de Chile, entre las que se encuentran algunos procesadores multinacionales de alimentos y bebidas, desde frutas en conserva a sardinas enlatadas, sin embargo el seminario también está abierto a delegados de países vecinos que estén interesados en participar”.

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JBT debuts SteriCompact UHT system to meet global smaller pack demand

Sterideal-HX SteriCompact_421x767

JBT has announced the launch of the SteriCompact processing system, the latest in the company’s Sterideal® HX UHT range of systems, which has been specially adapted to meet demand for smaller pack sizes in emerging markets.

The SteriCompact UHT, which is based on JBT’s globally successful Sterideal HX UHT system, will cater for the move towards reduced scale milk and juice production and pack sizes in developing economies, as well as specialized products in high-end markets.
Already in the process of being installed with processors in Brazil, Thailand and India, the system is designed for a smaller volume production in smaller packages – of down to 80ml – than has been common in most markets to date.


Bram Bergsma, Product Line Operations Manager for Processing Systems at Amsterdam-based JBT Food & Dairy Systems, said: “In countries like India and Brazil, there’s a trend for smaller filling capacity machines and packaging. These are countries with large populations, but where people don’t necessarily have the income to afford the larger packs. The SteriCompact UHT has been developed for these markets.”

As well as standard dairy applications, the system, which handles lower-range capacity production of 2000-4000 liters per hour, can be configured with optional modules to process Extended Shelf Life milk, juices with small fibers and soy products. The SteriCompact UHT is designed around one central skid containing all the process components including the electrical system, which results in reduced installation time and cost.

Sterideal-HX SteriCompact_767x421_A

However, in addition to emerging markets in Asia and Latin America, the system has also attracted attention in Europe and the US. “We’ve received significant interest from Spain and the US for smaller capacity lines for smaller batches,” said Bergsma. “This is for products produced in small amounts where the flavor can change frequently, so having the SteriCompact UHT in place will help avoid waste.”

About Sterideal XH UHT systems
Dairy producers worldwide favor the JBT Food & Dairy Systems Sterideal HX UHT concept for its robustness, resulting product quality and ease of operation. The unique helical configuration of concentric tubes ensures effective thermal treatment combined with efficient heat recovery and optimal product handling. The tubular in-flow processor is used for pasteurizing and sterilizing dairy products, juices and higher viscosity products like tomato sauces and desserts.

Learn more about the Sterideal HX SteriCompact UHT

PRoCARE: JBT’s commitment to Customer Care

Customer Care has been a cornerstone of JBT’s success in international markets for over two decades, with the focus on helping customers protect their investment in JBT solutions so that equipment owners can pay back the original outlay many times over.

“Our Field Service Engineers and Customer Service personnel are focused on contributing to our customers’ success by evolving from a reactive, transaction based mindset to one based on customer intimacy. We are working toward growing capabilities across all JBT Liquid Foods equipment types and leveraging our global and regional footprint,” explains Chris Hanssen, JBT’s Global Customer Care Director for Liquid Foods.


PRoCARE Services are one of the key after sale benefits offered by JBT, which is aimed at keeping JBT systems in optimum condition for years after the initial purchase. “Business earnings and profits are directly related to how much a company can produce in a given time, which in turn depends on the performance, reliability and availability of equipment.” 

“JBT’s greatest value in PRoCARE services comes from preventing unexpected costs through smart, purposeful, and timely maintenance.”

PRoCARE service packages are offered as a maintenance agreement in various levels, which are determined by individual production and cost management requirements. Such services include regular machine inspections by JBT Site Supervisors using standard JBT inspection protocols, training programs, preventive maintenance for wear parts, operation guidance during the start-up phase and remote technical support.


JBT attains ISO accreditation in Lakeland

JBT Lakeland

JBT’s Lakeland, Florida facility has received ISO (International Organization for Standardization) accreditation; a step which is aimed at helping achieve the objective of continuous improvement in Safety, Quality, Delivery, and Cost and becoming a truly Lean Enterprise.

Operations Director Julio Izzo says the idea behind the implementation was one of improving and standardizing JBT’s processes, procedures and working structures at the Florida plant to boost the site’s competitive advantage, increase flexibility and lower internal costs.

ISO logo_small

“It’s a cultural transformation for our Lakeland site to best-in-class in terms of facility, equipment, processes and communication,” says Izzo. While he acknowledges that the internal business results are just as significant as the external benefits which drive customer satisfaction, Izzo says the focus is on having state-of-the-art processes in place that enable know-how to be used effectively across JBT.

The Lakeland manufacturing plant was also granted ASME certification in 2017, allowing JBT to add the ASME ‘U’ stamp to products built in accordance with the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code.


Leading through innovation: JBT’s winning focus on product development

JBT In-container sterilization_cans

Consumer and retailer demand for new, ever more convenient – not to mention eye-catching – products is a trend that seems to be constantly evolving, driving growth in new categories and sub-categories. One of the people at JBT who keeps a close eye on this melting pot of innovation is Douglas Woodruff, Director of Research and Development for JBT Liquid Foods, whose job it is not just to respond to new trends in the category, but also to anticipate and prepare for them.

Among the most important of these current trends is the drive for convenience, which is leading to smaller serving sizes and further demand for re-closable packages. “There’s a desire to have unique, “functional” beverages and provide more variety at the convenience and grocery stores, which means we need to adapt equipment for shorter runs or more variation in one run,” says Woodruff. 

Another important trend, he continues, is the desire for higher quality foods, leading to the development of safer, better-quality food products than those that were widely-available even just ten years ago.

Based in Lakeland, Florida, Woodruff’s principal focus when it comes to R&D is to stay ahead of evolving market trends with new products and processes, explaining that JBT has made a lot of progress on both fronts in the last 18 months. 


The JBT Sterideal Ohmic Heat Exchanger

Product Innovations
The result of several years’ development work, in 2018 JBT is launching high capacity solutions for sterilized food in flexible packaging (pouches) for both aseptic processing and in-container sterilization processes. “In this way we are moving ahead the technology for different types of products in different types of markets,” says Woodruff. “We see the packaging revolution happening in both aseptic and in-container packaging; for that reason we’re making high volume solutions for both of these”.

Woodruff says he is also excited about the introduction of JBT’s new In-Flow Sterideal® Ohmic Systems, which incorporate the Ohmic Heater, Particulate Pump and other technologies into systems that are configured to order for customers who have high quality and thermally sensitive foods with or without particles.

Process Innovations
In terms of process, significant work has also been achieved over recent months with the standardization of the New Product Development process across the Liquid Foods spectrum. “Whereas each business unit used to have its own development pipeline and execution process, we now have a common process across the Liquid Foods business units so we have a common way of selecting, executing and commercializing new products,” explains Woodruff.

Find out more about JBT’s Research & Technology Centers

Download the JBT White Paper on Continuous In-container Sterilization Technology

JBT to showcase solutions at China Dairy Show

China yoghurt products_Shutterstock

The Chinese dairy market is growing by double digits every year. Part of the growth plan of JBT Liquid Foods in the Asia Pacific region is based around the fast-developing demand for dairy products in China. As the sector experiences dynamic growth, so too has demand for effective machinery and processing systems also increased; opening a clear market advantage for the specialist, innovative solutions offered by JBT.

This is one of the key messages that JBT will be outlining to visitors to its booth at the upcoming China Dairy Technology Boutique Exhibition, a major event for the sector which takes place in the city of Xi’an from August 24-26. Now in its eighteenth year, the show, organized by the China Dairy Industry Association, aims to showcase forward-looking technology product innovation ideas and achievements from machinery and technology suppliers worldwide.


Robert Geerts, Manager of Sales – Food & Dairy Systems for Asia Pacific at JBT, says the focus will be on highlighting the advantages of using JBT solutions for diary processing, in particular UHT processing, aseptic filling and the aseptic SteriTank.

“We are focusing on the awareness of JBT in the Chinese dairy market, and we are planning to do a show every couple of years to promote our dairy products,” Geerts continues.

Xian China

“China is a very important market of JBT and will become even more important with the growth of extended shelf life products, so we’re pleased to be taking part in the show at Xi’an where we can speak to customers about our growth plans for the Chinese market.”

JBT will be exhibiting at Booth 64, Hall B4 at the China Dairy Technology Boutique Exhibition in the Qujiang International Convention and Exhibition Center, Xi’an from August 24-26, 2018.

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