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JBT HPP Seminars to visit Japan and Brazil

The advantages of using JBT Avure’s innovative High Pressure Processing (HPP) solutions for food and beverage processors, which can extend shelf-life and neutralize harmful bacteria without compromising on flavor or product quality, will be highlighted at HPP seminars in Japan and Brazil in late October-early November for both existing and new customers. 

The JBT Technical Seminar, ‘HPP – How it Works’, which earlier in October visited Melbourne, Australia, will focus on both current applications – juice, beverages and dairy – and newer success stories, including ready-to-eat and minimally processed foods.

Customers in Tokyo, Japan will have the chance to learn about the benefits of HPP on October 25 at the JASSO Center in Odaiba, where the event will feature customer success stories and an update on applications and packaging requirements from JBT Avure’s Dr. Errol Raghubeer.

On November 6, the Seminar will move to the Hotel Comfort Suites, Campinas, Brazil where delegates will hear about the potential of HPP technology to help food processors develop clean label products with an extended shelf life. Speakers will include Willie Brand, CEO of HPPSA, the biggest HPP tolling center in South Africa. 

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JBT technologies ready for CibusTec innovation showcase


From solutions for ready meal production to fresh-cut salads, JBT will be showcasing its full range of food and beverage innovations at the upcoming CibusTec 2019, the food technology exhibition taking place in Parma, Italy from October 22-25. In particular, CibusTec will provide JBT with an opportunity to highlight some of the newest additions to the JBT family, including powder filling specialist PLF International, fresh-cut innovator FTNON and tray sealing solutions provider Proseal.

One of the key areas covered will be prepared foods and the related sauces and dressings segment. JBT has become a well-known name in the industry, providing process kitchen solutions that range in size from individual tanks/processors to high value design-builds. Similarly, JBT SF&DS offers a comprehensive range of processing and packaging solutions to extend shelf life of ambient, shelf stable and refrigerated dairy products and food.


JBT is also a leading global solutions provider for the juice and beverage industry. From primary processing to final retail packaging, JBT’s complete line solutions for juices, non-carbonated beverages and dairy-based drinks will be another major focus for CibusTec.

However, it will not just be established solutions on show, as some of JBT’s recently-integrated companies will also share the limelight. Among them, JBT Proseal will showcase its advanced tray sealing solutions that satisfy the needs of a wide variety of products and applications including the increased focus on sustainable packaging, while JBT FTNON will highlight its range of state-of-the-art technology, including pre-cleaning, produce preparation and mixing systems, for the fresh-cut salad and prepared vegetable industries.

Fresh green salad with spinach,arugula,romane and lettuce

Also featured will be JBT PLF International, the worldwide market leader in the design and manufacture of vacuum filling machines for any powder or granular product into a rigid container, which are built to facilitate the stringent demands of food and beverage processors.

JBT will be appearing at CibusTec 2019 in Pavilion 5, Stands 036 and 042 at the Fiere di Parma exhibition center, Parma, Italy from October 22-25.

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JBT to showcase complete produce solutions portfolio at Fruit Attraction


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JBT will be using its presence at the Fruit Attraction 2019 trade exhibition, which takes place in Madrid, Spain from October 22-24, to highlight recent innovations for the fresh produce sector, as part of an overall portfolio of solutions aimed at supporting the whole supply chain. This year’s edition will also feature recently-integrated JBT companies FTNON and Proseal who will be highlighting innovations in fresh-cut machinery and fruit packaging.

Among the solutions being showcased on the JBT stand will be the new Quick Dry Poly Supreme, part of the Endura-Fresh range of conventional and organic coatings. A quick-drying wax capable of maintaining fruit freshness and flavor, Quick Dry Poly Supreme is the result of advanced coatings research and cutting-edge technology.

The Endura-Fresh line of coatings and the Freshgard® decay control range can help improve product appearance, shelf-life, and guard against weight loss. These solutions are not only effective, but also benefit from an unequalled worldwide support network.

JBT_fruit coatings_small

Building momentum
At Fruit Attraction, John Siddle, JBT’s Global Product Line Director for Fresh Produce Technologies, says JBT will focus on creating awareness that JBT can now offer solutions for almost the whole fresh produce sector; a proposition that has recently increased with the integration of fresh-cut machinery specialist FTNON and packaging innovator Proseal. In fact, Fruit Attraction 2019 will mark the first time that Proseal will be exhibiting as an integral part of JBT. 


(l-r) JBT’s Francisco Peris and John Siddle at Fruit Attraction 2018

Siddle said: “Following success in the Middle East and North Africa, JBT is aiming to build momentum for its portfolio in the Spanish and European markets, with a particular focus on fruit coasting and postharvest systems, as well as the ability of FTNON and Proseal tray sealing solutions to turn commodities into value-added products.”

JBT’s booth will once again this year feature the participation of Laser Food, creator of Natural Branding® laser-labelling technology. “Large European distribution chains demand from their suppliers methods that are more respectful of the environment and, above all, that they provide alternative packaging solutions to plastic, so what better packaging can there be than the fruit’s own skin,” said Laser Food Managing Director Jaime Sanfelix.

Laser Food_fruits

JBT’s presence at Fruit Attraction 2019 comes after the company’s Fresh Produce Technologies (FPT) product line recently celebrated its 90th anniversary; a landmark achievement that serves to highlight the progress made by JBT in the produce sector over many years. “We’re excited about being in business for 90 years – it speaks to the quality of what we produce and the longevity of our organization,” adds Siddle. “Our technical expertise has allowed us to adapt to the changing needs of the produce sector.”

JBT will be exhibiting at Fruit Attraction 2019 in Hall 6, Stand 6D08 from October 22-24 at the Feria de Madrid exhibition center, Madrid, Spain.

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JBT to stage Technology Seminar in Mexico

The Angel of Independence and the Paseo de La Reforma in Mexico

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JBT will be hosting a Technology Seminar focusing on emerging trends and technological solutions for citrus, fruit, vegetable and dairy processors, and canned foods on October 9-10, featuring presentations from JBT and industry experts. 

Taking place in the Hotel Hyatt Polanco in Mexico City, the two-day event will take an in-depth look at expected challenges to the food industry from 2020-2030 and the technologies that can offer practical solutions, including High Pressure Processing (HPP) from JBT Avure.

Other current market trends that will be discussed will include the latest developments in fresh-cut and processed vegetables, citrus and fruit processing, and new JBT options in automation and IoT. Focusing on best practices, the seminar will also examine state-of-the-art installation, JBT packaging technologies, and sterilization best practices in the dairy, food and beverage industries. 

The JBT Technology Seminar will take place from October 9-10 at the Hotel Hyatt Polanco, Mexico City.

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JBT prepara Seminario de Tecnología en México

Angel de la independencia

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JBT será el anfitrión del Seminario de Tecnología que se enfocará en las tendencias emergentes y las soluciones tecnológicas dirigidas a los procesadores de cítricos, frutas, legumbres y lácteos, así como a los fabricantes de productos enlatados. Los días 9 y 10 de octubre serán las fechas en las que representantes de JBT y otros expertos del ramo se presenten. 

Con sede en el Hotel Hyatt Polanco de la Ciudad de México, el evento de dos días será la ocasión para examinar detenidamente los desafíos que se vislumbran para la industria alimentaria entre el 2020 y el 2030, además de servir como escaparate para las tecnologías que pueden brindar soluciones prácticas a dichos desafíos, entre las que destaca el Procesado por Altas Presiones (HPP, por sus siglas en inglés) de JBT Avure.

Entre las tendencias actuales del mercado que habrán de discutirse se encuentran las últimas novedades en verduras recién cortadas y procesadas, y en procesamiento de cítricos y frutas, así como la nueva oferta de JBT en automatización y el IoT. Enfocado en las mejores prácticas, el seminario también analizará la instalación de la última tecnología, las tecnologías de empacado y las mejores prácticas en esterilización de JBT, dirigidas a las industrias láctea y de alimentos y bebidas. 

El Seminario de Tecnología de JBT se llevará a cabo el 9 y 10 de octubre en el Hotel Hyatt Polanco, en la Ciudad de México.

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JBT launches Hygienic Piping System Provider Buyers Guide


JBT has introduced a free-of-charge Hygienic Piping System Provider Buyers Guide, which aims to walk customers and non-customers alike through the process of acquiring new solutions with the focus on avoiding all-too-common pitfalls. The guide, The Top 10 Questions To Ask When Choosing a Hygienic Piping System Installation Provider, will discuss the key questions and factors that need to be considered before making a decision.

Buck Evers, Director of Field Services at JBT’s A&B Process Systems, says the guide was put together to give companies a valuable resource before and during the decision making process, outlining steps that should be taken and hazards that must be avoided. “The guide is designed to help companies in making the buying decisions because it looks at the process from a customer’s perspective, outlining the questions they need to ask to make a decision,” he explains.


“If you only look at price and don’t consider other factors, you could end up with a supplier that doesn’t have the experience, the certifications or the safety performance to execute a job or hit the budget,” Evers continues. “The total cost of selecting a low price could be higher because companies can end up paying through accidents or having to change orders during the project. Poor quality can also have repercussions later where companies are forced to make corrections because the suppliers weren’t skilled enough.”

From a JBT perspective, Evers says that one of JBT’s key strengths is that the company provides ongoing support during the lifetime of the system or machinery, ensuring piece-of-mind should mishaps occur. “Supporting customers long-term through JBT’s customer care program means we can stand behind them,” he adds.

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JBT and TORR Industries confirm global alliance for filling technologies

Red wine tasting

JBT and California-based TORR Industries Inc. have announced an alliance aimed at bringing TORR’s versatile fillers to companies handling everything from wines and juices to coffee concentrates all across the globe.

The non-exclusive Sales Representation Agreement will give JBT the opportunity to represent TORR’s low and high-acid aseptic and sanitary liquid filling systems for bags, pouches, and bulk-containers with fill fitments globally. The alliance covers applications for products within the liquid foods, fruit and vegetable, dairy, wine, tomato sauce, and ready-to-eat sauce categories. 

Based in Shasta County, Northern California, TORR is the leader in high output wine bag fillers in the US market, but with an international presence that includes installations for coconut milk in Malaysia and crushed pineapple in the Philippines.

TORR filling systems will allow JBT to offer filling systems that can be used with Bag-in-Box (size ranging between 2 and 25 liters), stand-up pouches (size ranging between 0.175 to 5 liters) and bulk containers (size ranging from 200 to 1400 liters) with a wide range of filling speeds. TORR filling systems will complement JBT’s sanitary fillers for HPP products and will also fill the gap between JBT’s retail and bulk filling offerings.

Increased shelf life
A recent major success for TORR has been the supply of Bag-in-Box fillers to Delicato Family Wines in Manteca, California. for their “Bota Box” three-liter Bag-in-Box package. TORR installed seven TORR 150 fillers at the new Manteca 770,000 sq. ft winery and distribution center in the first quarter of 2019. Delicato placed additional orders in August for two more fillers for the new 1.5-liter Bag-in-Box line. 


“Delicato chose TORR over international competition because of TORR’s patent pending filling heads that provide increased shelf life because of low oxygen pickup during filling,” said TORR Sales Director, Chris Rutter. “The servo powered fillers also provide high uptime and low maintenance cost.”

TORR fillers, which include automatic bag into box loading at up to 25 bags per minute, are used for dairy, coffee concentrates and fruit juices. TORR also offers the Engi-O range of FDA LONO-approved aseptic bag fillers for up to 1500-liter bins, 200-liter drum and 20-liter bags for foodservice. The company is currently installing four Engi-O AM5 low acid aseptic fillers that fill bins, drums and foodservice bags at a major producer in the US Pacific North West for fruit and vegetable purees. International installations of the TORR Engi-O low acid aseptic fillers include coconut milk in Malaysia, crushed pineapple in the Philippines and dairy products in New Zealand. 

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