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FTNON continues fresh-cut expansion with new onion and bell pepper processors

Fresh colorful  cut bell peppers texture for background. Shallow depth of field

JBT’s recently-acquired FTNON fresh-cut machinery business has announced the launch of two solutions designed to make life easier for onion and bell pepper processors, both of which have been developed to include easy-to-clean features that comply with the highest hygienic standards. 

Introduced by FTNON at its recent customer open week, held in Horst, The Netherlands from October 29-November 3, the two systems place an emphasis not just on effectiveness and reliability, but crucially also on ease-of-use and cleanability.

Cleanability factor
The newly-launched FTNON Sweet Pepper Decorer, designed to be very hygienic and completely cleanable, has been developed to remove cores and problematic seeds from bell peppers in the most efficient way possible, while also leaving a small footprint. 

According to FTNON’s Lars Heuvelmans, the compact machine, which can handle two bell peppers at a time, uses pneumatic coring devices remove the center of the peppers, before a high-pressure air system cleans out the remaining seeds. Leftover seeds, stems and cores are then removed outside the machine using a scraper.

The JBT FTNON Sweet Pepper Decorer

The JBT FTNON Sweet Pepper Decorer

In the next step, the cored and cleaned bell peppers are cut lengthwise into pieces by a mechanical segmenting station, which enables the peppers to be divided into halves, quarters or eights.

However, as well as its efficiency, a key feature of the decorer is its cleanability. “It’s easy to access all areas of the machine – you just slide out the drum and you have access to the inside, the drills and the knives,” explains Heuvelmans. “If you look at a bell pepper, inside there are a lot of small seeds which will get into every part of the machine, so cleanability is a very important feature.”

The JBT FTNON Magnetic Onion Peeler

The JBT FTNON Magnetic Onion Peeler

Reduced costs
Developed by FTNON in collaboration with US-based Gills Onions and the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), the FTNON Magnetic Onion Peeler focuses on yield, hygiene and convenience with the design, components and materials specially selected to ensure the machine gets a very high score on all points. 

By employing super magnetism, the system eliminates the need for wires, tubes, belts and springs, resulting in a machine with frictionless components, which has the effect of tremendously reducing maintenance costs. 

With hygiene requirements in the food sector becoming ever more stringent, Heuvelmans says ease-of-cleaning is also a key feature of the stainless steel Magnetic Onion Peeler. Waste and the peeled product are separated at the earliest possible stage, meaning the risk of contamination or waste peel reaching other areas of the machine is greatly reduced, while the design has eliminated chains and other hygienically vulnerable components. Both of which, adds Heuvelmans, make a very real difference, not only for improving hygiene but also for overall cleanability. 

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JBT South Africa seminar to focus on solutions to improve citrus profitability

citus essential oils_Shutterstock

JBT will be staging a one-day seminar for South African customers to provide an update on the latest international citrus and juice trends, with as special focus on how JBT solutions can help optimize yield and in the process deliver financial benefits. To be held at the OR Tambo City Lodge Hotel in Johannesburg on November 9, the event will also provide news on the latest JBT alliances and acquisitions.

Topics covered for optimizing yield more effectively will include a look at JBT’s READYGo™ d-LIMONENE system, a solution which enables customers extract valuable d-Limonene from citrus peel that would otherwise go to waste. 


JBT’s Pulp Recovery and Pulp Wash systems can similarly recover pulp and sugars for pasteurization and aseptic filling, making them fit to add to juice from concentrate, not-from-concentrate, nectars and liquid yogurts.

Another subject that will be highlighted will be JBT’s Fruit and Vegetable Processing Solution, a complete, combined system which is ideal for premium juices and blends produced by smaller juice marketers.

Richard Collins, Sales & Marketing Manager, Liquid Food Solutions, said: “The focus will be to update our customers on latest international trends regarding the citrus industry and also to highlight where they can improve processes through JBT equipment to optimize yield to gain financial benefits.”

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JBT customer seminar looks at fresh solutions for citrus and juices

Orange juice generic

JBT will be highlighting an innovative venture for recovering essential citrus oils from peel, and examining how JBT Avure has helped support a fast-growing Florida HPP business at a customer seminar taking place in Lakeland, Florida on November 1.

JBT customer Keith Sirois, from HPP Fresh Florida, will be detailing how clean technology from High Pressure Processing (HPP) specialist JBT Avure has helped support the development of a company that now pasteurizes products including meat, seafood, juice, salsa, hummus and dips from across the state.

JBT Lakeland

JBT’s facility in Lakeland, Florida

The recovery of high value essential oils from citrus processing by-products will also be a focus for the seminar with a session looking at a new venture with Florida-based Florachem. A specialist in essential oil recovery itself, JBT already helps customers extract valuable d-Limonene from citrus peel through its READYGo™ d-LIMONENE solution.

Other topics that will be covered at the seminar will include a look at JBT’s most recent addition, FTNON, a company that has developed innovative technology for processing fresh fruits and vegetables for the fresh-cut and ready-to-eat market, plus an overview of JBT’s fresh produce and citrus processing systems.

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JBT’s health-focused additions on show at Gulfood Manufacturing 2018


JBT will be highlighting its full portfolio for for food and beverage companies at this year’s Gulfood Manufacturing trade exhibition, with a particular emphasis on solutions that can make healthy living a more achievable goal, from chemical-free pasteurization to innovative systems for fresh-cut vegetables and salads. 

As part of its presence at Gulfood Manufacturing 2018, which takes place in Dubai’s World Trade Centre from November 6-8, JBT will be drawing attention to two of the most recent additions to the JBT family of companies – FTNON and PLF. 

A specialist in equipment for the fresh-cut salad and prepared vegetable industries, FTNON, which has a presence in more than 60 countries, provides a range of state-of-the-art technology for food processors including pre-cleaning, produce preparation and mixing systems.


Illustration from FTNON customer Heemskerk Fresh & Easy

UK-based based PLF International Ltd (PLF) meanwhile is a specialist manufacturer of filling machines and complete turnkey line project management for the fast-growing global powder product market. Combined with JBT’s own seamers, PLF is well placed to meet increasing worldwide demand for powdered products, especially powdered infant formula and nutraceuticals.


Baby powder being filled into cans by PLF International

A further key part of the JBT presence will be representation from JBT Avure, a renowned specialist in High Pressure Processing (HPP), a technology capable of doubling or tripling shelf-life without using chemicals, additives or heat. Used across a huge range of food and beverage sectors, JBT Avure’s HPP technology works by processing foods at extremely high water pressure (up to 6,000 bar / 87,000 psi– more than the deepest ocean), in the process neutralizing listeria, salmonella, E. coli and other deadly bacteria.

Avure, FTNON and PLF all form part of the complete portfolio of processing and packaging solutions that JBT will be highlighting at the event.

JBT will be exhibiting at Gulfood Manufacturing 2018 in Hall 4, Stand D4-44 at Dubai’s World Trade Centre from November 6-8.

JBT highlights growth in Europe & Middle East at Fruit Attraction 2018


(l-r) JBT’s Francisco Peris and John Siddle at Fruit Attraction 2018

Growing demand for JBT’s Endura-Fresh™ range of coatings for long- and short-trade transit – among other innovations – is helping boost JBT’s presence in the fresh produce sector across Europe and the Middle East. This is one for the key messages that JBT is delivering at its booth at Fruit Attraction 2018, the annual Spain-based trade exhibition that takes place in Madrid, Spain until October 25.

As part of its presence in Stand 6C05, Hall 6 in the Feria de Madrid conference center, the JBT team is also highlighting the recent addition of fresh-cut equipment specialist FTNON and the Europe-wide expansion of laser-marking for fruit innovator Laser Food.

John Siddle, JBT’s Global Product Line Director for Fresh Produce Technologies, said: “We’re growing steadily in Spain, Turkey, Egypt and the Middle East. We’ve received an especially good response at the show for our Endura-Fresh line of coatings for long and short distance fruit and vegetable shipments. Along with our preservation products, these have been gaining traction across the region. 

“This has also been this first opportunity we have had to show-off the range of products for the fresh-cut industry from our colleagues at FTNON. Our alliance partner, Laser Food, have been very active as well and they anticipate finalizing some more orders before the end of the year.”

JBT will be exhibiting at Fruit Attraction 2018 at Stand 6C05, Hall 6 until October 25 at the Feria de Madrid conference center in Madrid, Spain.

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JBT showcases fresh produce technologies at Fruit Attraction 2018

Florida citrus groves

JBT’s innovative solutions for fresh produce companies, including quick-dry coating solutions and industry-leading cleaning technologies, will be highlighted at the JBT stand as part of an increased presence at Fruit Attraction 2018, one of Europe’s premier trade events for the fresh produce sector.

Among the products highlighted will be JBT’s Endura-Fresh™ Quick Dry Poly (QDP) and Endura-Fresh™ Natural Supreme coatings for citrus. As well as being fast-drying, Endura-Fresh QDP provides a long-lasting shine that helps preserve the freshness and taste of the fruit. 


The result of some 80 years’ research and development, Endura-Fresh Natural Supreme offers a cutting-edge citrus coating for superior control of fruit weight loss and shrinking, as well as providing a guaranteed shine from the packhouse to the end receiver.

As part of an increased stand size of 72m2 for this year’s show, JBT will also be highlighting the T-Series Bin Scrubber. A new variation on JBT’s original Bin Scrubber, the system provides efficient bin cleaning with a smaller footprint than alternative systems. New benefits include a telescoping brush scrubbing head to ensure all internal surfaces are cleaned, a bin rinse feature for non-vented bins, and a bin drying stage also for non-vented bins.


Fresh-cut innovations
JBT’s move into solutions for the fresh-cut and pre-prepared fruit and vegetable industry through FTNON, the recently-acquired equipment specialist for the fresh produce, ready meal, and pet food sectors, will also be highlighted at the show.

FTNON specialises in a range of solutions for fresh-cut fruits and salads – known as IV Gama and V Gama in Spain – as well as lines for processors of vegetables such as broccoli, green beans, spinach and other products. The company, which has a presence in more than 60 countries, specialises in a range of state-of-the-art technology for fresh-cut and vegetable processors, including pre-cleaning, produce preparation and mixing systems.

JBT and Laser Food will also present Natural Branding© technology, the innovative and eco-friendly solution for the contactless marking of fruits and vegetables with natural light. The perfect alternative to regular paper stickers, Natural Branding eliminates paper, glue and ink on organic produce.

JBT will be exhibiting at Fruit Attraction 2018 in Hall 6, Stand 6C05 at the Feria de Madrid exhibition centre, Madrid, Spain from October 23-25.

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Laser Food launches Natural Branding initiative across Europe

Laser Food_examples.jpg

Laser Food, the creator of innovative, environmentally-friending laser labelling for fresh fruit, has announced the Europe wide launch of a new brand name for the technology, Natural Branding. Reflecting the profound environmental benefits of the system, the Natural Branding name will shortly be seen in grocery retail outlets and supermarkets across Europe, emphasising the growing public acceptance of the Laser Food-originated technology.

Initially introduced two years ago by Laser Food to accompany laser-labelled organic products, the Natural Branding name has proven to be a hit with consumers, receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback from shoppers and gathering media coverage across Europe. The initiative also took the top prize for Laser Food customer Eosta in the Sustainability Category at the Packaging Awards 2018. As well as Eosta, the system is now being used across the organic fruit sector, including by organic kiwifruit specialist Agricolli Bio and organic pumpkin marketer Bio Freshi.

Laser Food_kiwifruit

Laser Food managing director Jaime Sanfelix explained that as a result the company began to take steps to formally register the name at a Europe-wide level, acknowledging that laser labelling is recognised by increasing numbers of consumers first and foremost as Natural Branding.

He said: “Two years ago we started marketing organic fruits using a very interesting concept that we called Natural Branding. The concept generated a very positive response with consumers across Europe and was also well received by the media. Following that, we initiated the process of registering the Natural Branding name as a brand.

“As the leaders and the creators of the technology, it’s very satisfying to see how the Natural Branding brand name is now recognised by consumers across Europe, and how more and more people are acknowledging the great benefits it has for the environment.”

Laser Food_fruits

Sanfelix added that the recognition of the brand and system, which can now be found in many of Europe’s leading markets, including Germany, the Netherlands and France, further reinforced the hard work that Laser Food has undertaken since it first developing the technology in 2007.

About Laser Food
Laser Food’s Natural Branding can help both producers and retailers improve their environmental credentials for the simple reason that the system eliminates the need for wasteful paper labels. Approved for use in the EU, Natural Branding’s laser labelling technology adds labels and logos to fruit surfaces through a depigmentation process that does not harm the product in any way whatsoever.

Laser Food’s global expansion has been made possible thanks to its worldwide marketing agreement with JBT Corporation, which builds and promotes Laser Food’s Laser Mark technology worldwide. JBT also promotes Laser Food via and the @JBTLaserFood social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter.

Laser Food will be exhibiting with JBT at Fruit Attraction 2018 in Hall 6, Stand 6C05 in the Feria de Madrid conference centre, Madrid, Spain from 23-25 October.