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JBT Avure’s HPP system explained in new White Paper

High Pressure Processing, or HPP of short, is an innovative, all-natural cold pasteurization technique that preserves the vitamins, taste and texture of processed foods, while also extending the shelf life. Market leader JBT Avure, at the forefront of high pressure technologies since the 1950s, has been involved in the creation and delivery of 70% of commercially available HPP products today, and now accounts for over 60% of HPP treated food worldwide.

A newly-launched JBT White Paper, “Avure & High Pressure Processing,” examines what makes JBT Avure’s HPP systems unique, looking at how they not only satisfy quality conscious consumers and secure product safety, but also deliver a longer shelf life and maintain low production costs per unit.

With consumer demand ever greater for fresh, healthy foods that are also preservative-free, processors are faced with the dilemma of also having to meet retailer demand for extended shelf life while also keeping costs down. HPP, which uses ultra-high pressure purified water to keep packaged food and beverages pathogen-free to stay fresh longer, provides a proven solution for everything from juices through to baby food, dressings and soups.


JBT showcases solutions for Baby Food in new White Paper

Baby food is a fast-growing, rapidly developing category where product quality and safety are crucially important, meaning that processors need to have the best possible packaging and sterilization solutions to meet market expectations. This is precisely what JBT is able to deliver through its filling and sterilization technology for glass jars; innovative systems that are showcased in JBT’s newly released White Paper for the baby food business.

Worth over US$53 billion in 2015 and expected to top more than US$76 billion by 2021, baby food is a rapidly developing category worldwide for infants (4-12 months) and toddlers (12-36 months). With many new mothers returning to work shortly after giving birth, prepared baby foods provide a nutritious, convenient substitute, with packaged foods such as baby rice, fruit or vegetable purees delivering quick and easy alternatives to home-cooked meals.

Safe solutions
JBT’s latest White Paper focuses on filling and sterilization technologies for baby food packed in glass jars, examining how JBT supports processors to market high quality, safe baby food products while at the same time producing at the lowest cost per glass jar. Not only the most transparent way to showcase contents, glass jars are also associated by consumers with high quality baby food products – adding an extra touch of class to purees and other foods.

JBT’s Unifiller is a product that is ideally suited to the baby food market’s needs. Every baby food product has its own requirements when it comes to filling, whether it be a liquid, smooth or viscous recipe containing sensitive particles. With a design and parts that are customized according to processors’ needs, the Unifiller is capable of ensuring accurate filling for whatever the baby food might be, making it the perfect solution for this high-value category.

Learn more about JBT’s Unifiller in the latest White Paper

Consistent quality
Food safety and product quality are essential factors in the baby food industry and the need to achieve this without compromising nutritional and sensory characteristics are of huge importance.

Ensuring food safety while at the same time minimizing any impact on product quality is a challenge for effective in-container thermal sterilization, but it is one that JBT has perfected in the Hydromatic® high-capacity hydrostatic sterilizer and in batch retort units. Through limited-time, high temperature cooking and rapid, efficient cooling, these systems ensure products receive exactly the same thermal process for consistent quality, while at the same time preventing under or over-processing. The reduced processing time also helps preserve the product’s natural flavor, nutrients and appearance.

The JBT Hydromatic® sterilizer and JBT batch retorts are flexible sterilization systems that can be easily adjusted to suit different recipes and packaging sizes, meaning they can comfortably handle a whole range of baby food products.

Learn more about JBT’s Hydromatic sterilizer in the White Paper