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JBT Brazil showcases new solutions for juice sector

Araraquara workshop

JBT Brazil has held the fourth edition of its Open House events at its Araraquara facility, which was focused on spreading customer awareness and understanding of JBT’s latest innovations, developments and new solutions for liquid food processors.

JBT speakers used the event to highlight – among other innovations – the READYGo™ d-LIMONENE system developed by JBT to extract valuable d-Limonene oil from citrus peel at the highest yields in the market, in the process helping processors take advantage of a potentially lucrative market.

With a range of uses as an ingredient for cosmetic products to a component for cleaning liquids, d-Limonene can deliver additional potential earnings for citrus processors that would otherwise go down the drain.

generic lemons

New applications
The event, explained JBT’s Januário Soligon, consisted of presentations and a workshop, which were aimed at sharing innovations with customers so they know JBT “always delivers the best in terms of equipment and solutions”.

One major development of particular significance to Brazil’s important juice sector has been JBT’s introduction of innovative solutions that were previously used exclusively in the dairy industry. This comes following JBT’s acquisition of Stork Food & Dairy Systems (SFDS) in 2015.

“SFDS’s coil heat exchanger for aseptic systems has been used in the dairy business for many years, but not featured in the juice sector,” says Soligon. “Having SFDS in the JBT team we are looking at opportunities to leverage these pasteurization systems in the orange juice segment.


“This technology offers significant benefits for our customers – it uses only 26% of the steam of a traditional tube-in-tube system.”

Soligon says the coil heat exchanger is also beneficial in terms of its size, explaining that through its design it occupies significantly less space than the linear tubing that is typically used in the juice sector, while maintenance costs are also substantially lower.

Citrus Technology Seminar
JBT’s next South America event will be the Citrus Juice Technology Seminar to be staged in the Hilton Garden Inn Tucumán, San Miguel de Tucumán, Argentina on November 22. The event will highlight how valuable essential oils and d-limonene can be effectively extracted from citrus peel, while examining other beneficial technologies recently introduced by JBT.

For more information about the seminar, please contact: 

Martín Castro – JBT Argentina

Yara Rocha – JBT Brasil


Innovative JBT coil heat exchanger trialed with purees & sauces


JBT Corporation has begun trials of an innovative coil heat exchanger for aseptic systems – until now used to sterilize milk products – for processed fruit and vegetable products, with very positive results recorded so far.

Speaking at Cibus Tec 2016, which took place in Parma from October 25-28, JBT R&D manager for Liquid Foods in Parma Antonio Aldini explained that the opportunity to trial the system with fruits and vegetables came about following JBT’s acquisition of Stork Food & Dairy Systems in 2015.

With research and technology centers in Parma and Amsterdam, Aldini said that the JBT decided to “challenge” the coil heat exchanger to test whether it would be as effective with fruit and vegetable concentrates and puree as it had been with dairy.

Following successful initial tests in Amsterdam with tomato sauces and apple puree, which delivered very encouraging results, the research is now being expanded to the Parma facility to include medium viscous products.

Learn more about JBT’s Heat Exchangers for aseptic systems

Unlike JBT’s traditional ‘quad tube’ system, which is also used to sterilize viscous fruit purees and sauces, the coil heat exchanger comprises a single, curving coil, which offers improved heat transfer and a more homogenous product treatment.

With no joints between individual tubes, the coil heat exchanger also offers a more hygienic system that is easy is clean and avoids most risks associated with fibrous material blocking pipes.

JBT’s initial tests with viscous products were positive, with no impact recorded on either the visual appearance or quality of the purees and sauces.

Read Dairy Reporter’s full report on the Cibus Tec seminar

JBT brings fresh innovations to Gulfood Manufacturing


JBT is highlighting its complete line of solutions, from fillingclosing and sterilization to aseptic and Extended Shelf Life technologies, for food and drink processors at Gulfood Manufacturing 2016, which is taking place in Dubai from November 7-9.

From primary product through to final packaging, JBT offers innovative, technological systems for fruit, vegetable and dairy processors that focus on high product quality and safety while ensuring low Total Cost of Ownership.

Speaking ahead of the show, Patrick Schoenaers, EMENA Marcom Coordinator for JBT Liquid Foods, explained that, following its acquisitions of, among others, Stork Food & Dairy Systems and A&B Process Systems, JBT is now able to offer an even wider range of products and process solutions.

In fact, technologies now available from JBT include in-container sterilization, in-flow thermal processing, and aseptic filling for nearly everything from cans to pouches, glass and plastic bottles.

“JBT now offers a complete line of solutions, not just filling, closing and in-container sterilization, but also aseptic, UHT and Extended Shelf Life solutions – this is the key message we will be highlighting to visitors to our booth,” Schoenaers added.

JBT is exhibiting at stand D1-4 at Gulfood Manufacturing 2016 from November 7-9 in the Dubai World Trade Centre.

JBT to highlight complete processing solutions at Pack Expo

JBT booth

JBT Corporation’s ability to provide effective technological systems and solutions for an entire processing plant will be a key focus for the company’s Liquid Foods business at the upcoming Pack Expo International 2016, which will be held in Chicago’s McCormick Center from November 6-9.

As part of a One JBT presence – which will include representatives from across the entire JBT FoodTech group at the JBT booth in N5350 – visitors will have the opportunity to learn about the complete solutions – from equipment to installation – now available for processing companies.

With the integration of Stork Food & Dairy Systems and A&B Process Systems this year, JBT has expanded both horizontally and vertically, and is now able to offer much more to the liquid and canned food sector, explains JBT’s US Sales and Service Manager for Liquid Foods, Donn Sabato.

“We were always strong in primary processing, now we’re growing our capabilities in secondary processing as well,” he says. “We now offer everything from blending technology to Clean In Place (CIP) systems through A&B, while retail packaging systems, and thermal and non-thermal technology are available from our Stork Food & Dairy Systems group.”

Fresh synergies
With major players from across the processing and packaging industry expected to attend the show, JBT will tell visitors about the important developments that have taken place within the company over the last 12 months, as well as handing out fresh juice from the Fresh’n Squeeze® Multi Fruit Juicer.

“We’re going to be telling people about the synergies that have been created by the purchase of A&B and Stork Food & Dairy, which is going very well,” says Sabato.

“We have a real nice story to tell in not only being able to supply the equipment, but being able to project-manage it, and install it with our A&B group.”

For an appointment to visit JBT at Pack Expo 2016, please contact:
Donn Sabato
US Sales and Service Manager, Juice Processing Technologies

JBT announces Cibus Tec seminar program


JBT Corporation’s new EMENA sales team will be present at this week’s Cibus Tec 2016 in Parma, Italy to stage a series of special conferences, which will cover everything from aseptic solutions for the juice and dairy industries through to details of alternative sterilization technologies.

During the exhibition, which takes place in the Fiere di Parma from October 25-28, JBT is inviting existing customers and interested food and beverage processors to Booth I-036, Pavilion 5 to attend seminars that will both highlight recent additions to the JBT product catalogue and introduce new partner companies, IceGen and Aurratech.


Stefano Berciga, JBT Application Engineering Manager for Food and Beverage Solutions, explained that specialists from across JBT will be sharing details of topics including new developments in rotary fillers and sealers, and showcasing JBT Stork Food & Dairy Systems’ new generation of aseptic fillers for bottles and pouches.

He said: “Cibus Tec is one of the most important and longest-established food processing exhibitions in Europe, which is expected to attract 35,000 visitors, principally from Europe, Middle East and Africa, although companies from North and Latin America, and the Far East, will also be present.

“Parma is called the Italian Food Valley because several important Italian food processors are located here, including a number of leading dairy companies.”

Berciga added that although current JBT customers will be attending, the seminars will be open to all processors interested in how JBT solutions could have a positive impact on their businesses.

A&B looks ahead to global expansion through JBT

JBT Corporation’s acquisition of Wisconsin-based A&B Process Systems in October 2015 will surely come to be viewed as a major step forward for both companies. The integration of the business has not only helped JBT offer a more complete, one-stop product solution, it has also enabled A&B to expand globally.

Troy Weik, A&B’s Director of Operations, who began his career as a process engineer, and advanced through the organization into his current position, explains how the changes undergone by the company are revolutionizing the way A&B works.

In what ways has A&B changed since it became part of JBT?

Troy Weik: The biggest change has been the ability to take A&B globally, which was a long-time goal of ours. A&B had been primarily a domestic supplier, especially in engineering, installation and automation services, with some manufactured goods being shipped overseas by US customers including Nestlé and General Mills.

Troy Weik

A&B’s Troy Weik

The acquisition has brought the ability to grow and expand our offerings. Over the last year, we’ve been getting connected with the different JBT facilities around the world for us to understand their capabilities and, they, our capabilities. In the past, A&B has been limited up to the point of further processing, packaging and filling. We didn’t have the expertise, but now combined with JBT’s product offerings, we are able to bring a total solution to our customers.

What synergies is A&B benefitting from with other JBT businesses?

We’ve gained good traction in that area. We have several opportunities right now where we have batch retorts that we want to combine with our product line, as well as the packaging and filling applications, so we can propose it as a complete solution to customers.

A&B has engineering expertise on anything that’s pumpable, whether that be in food, dairy, confectionery or pharmaceuticals, we have experience in those areas. Clean In Place (CIP) is also an area where we’re very strong that we’re trying to integrate with other JBT products.

“Combined with JBT’s product offerings, we are able to bring a total solution to our customers”

Whereas in the past, JBT sold specific products like fillers and retorts, getting the processed ingredients to those points and cleaning the systems was beyond the scope of supply. These are areas of expertise for A&B so now we can provide CIP equipment, engineering and design, and automation systems to integrate the facilities in order to provide a one-stop shopping experience to our customers.

A&B machinery in plant

What further opportunities do you see for A&B in liquid foods?

We’re looking at different opportunities within the tomato market, which is a strong area for JBT. Additionally, we’re looking to pursue opportunities in aseptic processing, another strong JBT product line – they have the sterilization expertise and we have the vessels, process piping, mixing and blending systems, which are utilized to provide a complete process solution.

“Over the next 12 months, we expect to see more of an expanded global integration for A&B”

We’re also exploring more in terms of juicing systems, which is where our association with JBT began. The reason JBT found A&B is we worked on a sweet potato juice processing facility with them – the first one either of us had ever done. That’s a new market and there are more ready-to-drink opportunities they are pursuing that we can assist with.

Looking ahead, how might A&B’s role within JBT develop further?

We’re in central Wisconsin, which is the hub of dairy processing, and we’ve been working in that market for several years. Similar to JBT, we are also well established in the food, beverage, and meat industries. We are looking forward to introducing JBT to the pharmaceutical industry by continuing to be a key partner for our customers – providing our modular skidded systems and vessels, as well as installation capabilities, to the marketplace.

Over the next 12 months, we expect to see more of an expanded global integration for A&B with JBT facilities worldwide, taking more of our product lines to global markets and expanding our installation capabilities beyond US borders. That’s a major priority for us, as well as insourcing more JBT products from a manufacturing standpoint.

Dairy innovator Arla Foods adds JBT automated vehicles

Arla Foods, the world’s largest manufacturer of organic dairy products, has invested in four JBT automated vehicles for its cheese factory in Taulov (Denmark) – vehicles that have a proven record of reducing pallet and product damage.

An international dairy company owned by 12,700 farmers from Denmark, Sweden, the UK, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands, Arla markets a wide range of high quality dairy products, including well-known brands Lurpak® and Castello®.

The company focuses on eight dairy categories: milk and powder, milk-based beverages, spreadable cheese, yogurt, butter and spreads, speciality cheese, Mozzarella and value-added whey.


Automated solution
Arla’s fully-automated JBT vehicles will transport full and empty trays between two levels of gravity racking, two production cells, and a storage area within the plant. SGV Manager software controls the SGVs and communicates with the Arla host system.

To start the process, the Arla host computer issues a movement request to the SGV Manager, which dispatches a SGV to perform the task. The vehicle travels to the designated pick-up location, performs the pick, and delivers it to the drop-off position. On completion, the SGV reports back to the SGV Manager, which then updates Arla’s host system.

The SGV System supports two robotic filling lines within the facility, bringing empty trays to the conveyor in-feed, and once filled with blocks of cheese delivers them to high bay storage.

The SGVs, which automatically exchange batteries during operation, are equipped with a standard fork attachment that allows them to transport pallets of full and empty trays. They can lift 2m high and can interface with conveyors and racking.

For more details on Arla Foods and the JBT vehicles, click here



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